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 Backstory for Xavier ChillBlade

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FusionFall Name : Xavier ChillBlade
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Age : 18
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PostSubject: Backstory for Xavier ChillBlade   Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:12 am

As Xavier was growing up, he was always made fun of because of his so called,"silly" name, but one day, everyone
would be shouting his name in happiness and with respect.Xavier was no original boy, he would always sneak in the garage at night and use his
Dad's workshop.He would always make 1st place in Science Fairs.He was a A average student, he was quiet, until the Fuse hit.He was only 9 when Fuse hit.
He's now 14(How old I am.)and hes pumping lightning bolts into Fuse Spawns.
One day, from getting home from school, he saw his parents with green skin and red eyes.
"Mom, DAD?"They were dashing towards him, then he blacked out.He woke up, in bed.
With a copy of him, with green skin.He grabbed the covers of his bed, then wrapped it around the
fuse copy of him, and smashed the fuse into jelly.
He then jumped out of his window, running to cover.
He arrived to Sector V, and Numbuh 2 and Blossom raised him till' he was 12.
Then, he was assigned his very first mission to kill Fuse Spawns, few years ahead,
He was classified as a,'Hero'.They all shouted Xavier name in glee.
The end.

I'm a fan of Bloo
Author of the fan story; FusionFall; The Beginning
~Drop the Beat!~

~Need help?I'll be glad to help!Very Happy~
~Nicest Imaginary Friend You'll Ever Meet.~
Spreading my rays of happiness!

(Thanks to XLR8 147 for making the picture above me.^^)
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Backstory for Xavier ChillBlade

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