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 "When Will the First Issue of Oliver's FusionFall Comic be Finished?"...

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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oliver Zombieweasel

FusionFall Name : Oliver Zombieweasel
Level : 36
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PostSubject: "When Will the First Issue of Oliver's FusionFall Comic be Finished?"...   Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:08 am

...You may ask. Well, I decided to be my old organized self and make it either in January next year, or at the beginning of November.

In the meantime, I'll be making a Halloween issue featuring my old characters that I made from year 6 (2006-2007) to year 10 (2010-2011).

I'm not gonna say what the comic's gonna be about, but let's just say it will include your usual supernatural creature.

Guess I better introduce the characters first. Characters are divided by series. Starting with my favourite:

Major Stupidity (2009)

- Ken - 15. The 'Dexter' of the planet. Founder of the laboratory... place, 'Idiot Industries'. Black Shag hair, green eyes, 6' 5", wears jeans, black shoes, green jacket with white stripes.

- Kevin - 15. Ken's twin brother. The 'Kevin Levin' of the town. Also the most athletic. Grey spiked hair, green eyes, 6' 5", wears jeans, black shoes, light blue shirt with a skateboard on it.

- Billy - 14. Brother of Ken & Kevin. The village idiot. Black 10-year-old Ben Tennyson hair, brown eyes, 5" 4', wears purple shorts, black shoes, lime green shirt with a dark green collar and stripe.

The 0 Man (2006)

- Owen - 16. The planet's most famed superhero named 'The 0 Man' (Hence the title of the comic). Basically the Avatar of Earth MII, except this one lives for 99 years and is resurrected 1 year later. Has power over fire, ice, lightning, mana and flight. Has black Shag hair, blue eyes, 6" 3', wears a red shirt, a black jumper for a cape, black shorts and black shoes.

- Olivia - 16. The 'Nazz' of the town. '0 Man's CO-assistant. Long blonde hair, green eyes, 6" 2', wears a pink shirt with a red heart, red skirt, and pink shoes.

- Dr. Steve Idiot - 17. Co-founder of 'Idiot Industries', '0 Man's assistant. Brown Shag hair, wears goggles, a grey shirt with a black skull, black trousers, grey shoes, brown eyes.

- Mrs. Ketchup - 54. Teacher at the 'Benny Hill High School' on the other side of the island. '0 Man's enemy. Obese, grey spaniel hair, wears anything. Brown eyes.

- Trixie - 20. Olivia's older cousin. Has anodite powers and lives in an apparently haunted mansion in a skull-shaped island south-east of the Land of Comics (Where most of my characters live) called the Land of Power. No one knows why it's skull-shaped, it just is.

- Homework Freak - ?. '0 Man's mortal enemy! If you can call this guy a mortal. Basically a living sheet of homework.

- Ovira - 2.6 million. An evil dragon that was slayed by his own apprentice during the ice age and accidently brought back to life 2.6 million years later. Basically a cross between Aggregor from Ben 10: UA and Red from Spyros 5 and 6.

Fire Duck (2006)

- Fire Duck - ?. Basically a duck with dragon powers. Thought this guy up when my two favourite characters ever were Daffy Duck and Spyro the Dragon.

- Fire Fish - ?. Just an abnormally large alien fish from Neptune (Not our Neptune, the Neptune in my universe). Wears a fish bowl over his head when above water. I think I got the idea for this guy's design from my old goldfish.

- Fire Guy - ?. The mortal enemy of Fire Duck and Fire Fish. He's pretty much made of lit matches and has fire abilities.

Well, that's it. If you want me to draw the characters so you can get a better understanding of what they look like, no problemo! Something tells me Undelos might be looking forward to this a bit. I haven't made a comic using these characters in months! My last one was a remake of my first Major Stupidity comic.

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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"When Will the First Issue of Oliver's FusionFall Comic be Finished?"...

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