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 Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER: 2 OUT!

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PostSubject: Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER: 2 OUT!   Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:21 pm

I just could'nt wait so i decided i'll just go ahead and release chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Zombies and Fire

I Slowly approached the light holding on to my shotgun thinking my every move precisely. Closer and closer i got to the light when suddenly realized it was a gas station my eyes gazed with excitment it had been hours since I got really got a good meal maybe there was chips and water i could drink. But i was getting ahead of my self so I decided to walk and scan the perimeter just in case their was some undesirable zombies roaming the area. I decided to check the back first since i couldn't really see any zombies in the front. Nothing just a empty garbage than suddenly i heard a noise.
I immediately turn and checked my back nothing the noise got louder now I was really on the alert. Sweat started to trickle down my forehead.
The noise was getting closer suddenly a black cat pounced out of the empty garbage can i was relieved. I decided it was high time to get inside the gas station. When I stepped inside the only light i could see was the dangling ceiling light flashing which made me predict it was probably going to die out soon so i needed to be quick. The most sensible thing that came out of mind was to find some batteries and a flashlight. The batteries were easy to find but the flashlight was a problem. Out all the items in a gas station I would think there would be a flashlight so I decided to look behind the clerks counter luckily their was a flashlight. I flipped open the back of the flashlight replaced the old batteries with new batteries and turned it on.
Suprisingly the ceiling light finally went dead luckily I had the flash light finally.

Next i decided it was time to find some chips and something to drink. Luckily their was 2 packages of BBQ Lays chips left they are my favorite. Now that i officially had a meal and plenty of water to drink I decided this was a good place to camp for the night.

Suddenly car siren went off which made me jump I pulled out my shotgun and aimed it directly at the front door of the gas station. Than bang loud noises started banging all around the gas station and loud cries of the dead RAWRING through the night. This was it I thought they found me only thing left was giving up or or fight my way. Suddenly in my head I could hear my old uncle words. "Remember Nathaniel never give into the enemy even if it means you half to fight your way out". After that the door slammed open with shattering of gas I could see about hundreds running toward me in the little gas station. I closed my eyes started shooting i could feel the spraying of blood spplattering and zombies moaning and groaning 10mins straight. I finally opened eyes thousands lay dead where I were. There was only one bullet left.I shot it and with a bit of luck I shot the the number 2 gas pump which than ingulfed in flames melting the zombies away I got myself up and sprinted through the back door. After I escaped the gas station exploded into a fire ball. Probably one of the most luckiest day of my life.

AKA: alienmajor2 :moon:
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Zombie Apocalypse CHAPTER: 2 OUT!

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