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 Otaku news issue# 19: Heroes VS, the game '-'

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PostSubject: Otaku news issue# 19: Heroes VS, the game '-'   Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:45 am


What’s an Otaku?
An Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.

Wanna help out, interested in joining, or your just an Otaku like me and want to be more known as one? Then click here.

Missed the last issue? Then click here.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’s Last chapter has already came in…

Well…sadly I’m not lying or that this is a joke. Chapter 409 has been released and KHR has ended… So next week we shall remember KHR FOREVER!!! With our tribute issue!

Something epic

Heroes VS, a fighting game with various characters from Ultra series, Kamen Rider, and Gundam!

Yes those are the sizes they will be. ‘-‘ Why? Probably to make it fair if it was proportional then the Riders would be in a little disadvantage now would they? Also since there will be Gundam someone from G-Gundam will appear and you’ll be able to use God Gundam and Master Gundam aaand that’s it since I don’t wanna type too much XP. ‘-‘

Buuut the release date is Feb 7th for PSP, so far the roster has 18 characters, but we have time and they’ll most likely add more in.

AMV section
AMV= Anime music video

Just for the music

Something to start off and one more if you want another.
Submitted by shadowsaiyan

Review corner

Fairy tail episode 1 -

In this episode it is the begging of the anime Fairy tail. It begins With the intro about the world and how there's a guild called fairy tail. Lucy a magician girl was trying to flatter a shopkeeper to give her a key that has a monster in it so she can make that monster battle for her. She got rejected and saw a crowd of girls gathering around a magician claiming him to be the salamander. The imposter put a spell on all the girls including Lucy. This is where the star of the show comes in Natsu! oh and Happy too. Natsu broke the spell for Lucy. Lucy thanked Natsu by giving Natsu and Honor a meal. Natsu began talking about her about a dragon but she didn't believe him So she left. She was then confronted by the imposter. She charmed her again and so he convinced her to come to his party. Lucy came to the party only to wanna join Fairy tail. She was called to go to the captain’s cabin which is the imposter. He reveals his plans and tells her he really isn't a fairy tail member.
Natsu and Happy came to the rescue. Natsu attacked the imposters men and Happy took Lucy. Happy dropped Lucy but Lucy revealed her magic. She summoned a mean mermaid that saved her. Back at Natsu the mermaids power made the ship go to the harbor. There the imposter made fun of fairy tail making Natsu in anger. Natsu burned with flames showing his fairy tail mark on his arm. He then whooped the imposter with one of hisq attacks Fire dragon roar. The guards came wanting to arrest Natsu and Lucy but Natsu took lucys hand and Natsu told Lucy they were gonna go to fairy tail.

Overall rating 4/5.

Review by Nova Dragon

Character spotlight

Due to the one spotlight I had saved…it suits the next issue more appropriately. Soooo yea not this week I’m afraid. ‘-‘

Battle section

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sora for winning last issue!!

Okay, since a poll can't be added, just post below, who you think will win in a fight! And on the next issue we'll reveal who won!

Lavi (D. Gray-Man):

Gajeel (Fairy Tail):

Off topic stuff

Learning time. ‘-‘

And something ‘-‘:

Before we close off this issue....


Why not try and join Otaku hideout? XD It's free, you get to use some of these banners (our version of giving out free t-shirts XD), you get to nerd out about Otaku stuff and you get just a bit more Awesome!(☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Thanks for reading ^_^


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Otaku news issue# 19: Heroes VS, the game '-'

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