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 Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)

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PostSubject: Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:35 pm

First topic message reminder :

Time Of Day Chapter 3
As they stopped the truck the young lad and mistress noticed a cave,
-"where are thou taking me." She asked in a serious tone
-"The Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out, we're not good with names so we didn't pick one" Grumpy chuckled.
As they entered the cave the 2 young men with white hair opened passage after passage. One of them had wings on his back, the other wore an elegant suit, they seemed to give off an intense aura.
-"Welcome to Xtremes. Names Hom, Hom Choi" Said hom who was the man wearing the suit.
-"Its really nice to meet another girl in xtreme, Undelos and zoe are gonna be all over you" Said the winged man, "names X, Xlr8, I'm the chief of this underground base."
-" You're one of us now Lin" smiled grumpy with a sparkle in his eyes.
-" That's grumpy, I wouldn't trust that smile, hes our most decieteful member, lures you in with his nice goody goody personality, after that you're toast" warned hom.
The base was like a high tech city, everything was a shiny grey, lights flickering everywhere everything you would imagine from a utopia, there sitting infront of an art shop were 4 guys and a girl.
"Heyy guys, newbie? That's like 5 now!" Shouted the girl, This is Undelos Rajeeta, known for her art and graphics making abilities, X's 3rd hand man, well woman, She wore a sweater,and a pair of large pants, both a shade of apple green, purple hair and a sycthe. With the ability to bring Alter egos Rex and Duhar to life, not to mention anything she draws.
"Correction, 4, we lost 3 of the new members already, being as there were 6 , now there are 4." Corrected A young lad with glasses, this was oliver zombieweasel, know as the most helpful tech support and known for posting the most knews on the xtreme network, he wore a white shirt, lights on the bottom, a black like in the middel, normal jeans, except that they could store anything using Pocket Dimmension technology, he's also a technopath, with this ability he can construct any new gismo within seconds, he has provided the Xtremists with almost all kinds off weapons,
"Well yeah, but who knows, maybe the secret war will finish soon" Said the oldest guy, one year younger then undelos, this was Vega, an armored soldier known for taking art and giving it visual effects, he gives Xtremeists their own signatures, these provide a way for them to stick out on the network. He is know for his will bending abilities, making anyone within a 20 mile radius become knocked out, stunned, or hypnotized but this one only applies to 1 person. After using this ability he has to wait 30 min to re use it, he is one of the back up plan soldiers.
"You guys shouldn't talk about those members, we hardly knew them but they were good people" exclaimed Ven, the guy with spikey hair, he's also a signature maker, he and vega are rivals but manage not to go into a fight, Ven is known for his super speed, reaching mock 5 and being able to vibrate through projectiles.
"GRUUMPYYYYY" yelled a girl with a cat hat who tackles him into the ground "did you write chapter 3 yet? I've been waiting foreverrrr" this skateboarder was Zoe Bioshine, specialized in making vehicles she has a bunch of hoverboards, hovercars, scooters, motorcycles, etc, Her ability is one you'd think a normal girl would have, singing, Being able to use magic melodies she can produce certain vocal patterns and notes that can cause explosions, knockout, paralysis, and even healing, She's shy to new people but once you know her she will be very open to having long conversations.
"I was on a mission, geez, but here, I brought a cookie" he said in a tired voice as he gave it to her.
"I wish to go home now, please, just take me home." Lin-ea cried.
"That's why we brought you, to take you home, it'll only take a few days." reassured X.
"Well where's she gonna sleep?" Rajeeta asked in a puzzled fashion.
"Have no fear, Target's herrreeee" Yelled a young lad from ontop of a roof, "Where's Lord sheepy?"
"Hey man, got your new gear I see" said grumpy.
Target wore a high class army suit, this protected him from bullets and explosions, his ability consists of teleportation, its range is limited but can be used rapidly, this armor jumps with him as he teleports, he like using a lazer stles ak-47, black hair and given the name Target sheep by grumpy.
"Thou expects me to live with thee, a boy?" she exclaimed
"Well I have a room next to mine, you could stay there, and it has a lockable door," said grumpy .
As the group walked we saw more members of the organization. Hawk knight, with the ability of having internal long range magic on his eyes, he has incredible sniping skills, sense his sniper rifles have no scope, he's known as the No Scope Master, being one of grumpys friends and right hand in command in the Grumpy Sheep Family Army, Sheep Hawk, next there was Officer, wearing his blue clothing and a joker fool hat, his grey wings cant give him flight but he has abnormal strenght. We also walked by the system, at first glance you'd think he was crazy next thing you now he ends up blowing your mind with his words, having the ability to put up forcefields he's in the frontline. Zero, a soldier who could equip any gun at any time that has been stored into his pocket dimension.
"Well it isn't a mention, but I thank thee, I hope I can repay your kindness" Said Lin-ea in a shy voice when I showed her to her room.
"No prob, here" he handed over a device "It links you to the network, we can all communictae from long distance, this helps us report news, events and pretty much anyhthing. I'm heading to my bed so night"
She sat there as the device slowly scanned her.
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Angelic Demon

Angelic Demon
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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:37 pm

MovingXtarget® wrote:
Lol whoh that was messed up what i ment was why u forget things after you go into a rage...docotr ed can fix you ED Head Bang Ed Hungry Ed Run ED Head Bang Troll Face
Oh lol Well The Char is part demon so when the demon takes over he really isn't himself so his mind is morphed into the demons and is just surrounded by a black aura and all his clothes are changed to black...That's all! Very Happy

I am something more than a demon or angel.I am much more than that........something that is both but different..... :moon:
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The Target

The Target

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:56 pm

Thats awesome dude Too Funny

Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)   

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Time Of Day Chapter 03 (Critical X/ Xtremists Hide out and Members)

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