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 Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)

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PostSubject: Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:59 am

Time Of Day Chapter 13
"Die, die, die!!!!" yelled Kyle as he hurled fireballs at Grumpy.
Target teleporting away from Razor every 5 seconds, punching and kicking himevery time. Razor grew out his hair and stabbed Target quickly raising him into the air and throwing him down into a collision, Target got up and gave Razor a roundhouse, barely budging, Razor pnched Target's gut, leaving him breathless, always a quick way to take someone out, As Grumpy used his seal shield to protect himself from the fire Kyle took water from clouds and froze Grumpy's feet. Quickly throwing a tornado at him. Colliding with the wall , leaving dents, Grumpy got up and ran at Kyle,
"Fall." commanded Kyle, but with no success, Grumpy's body wont let any magic warp him in anyway from the inside. however the outside could still be damaged, and Kyle was still able to read his mind, allowing him to dodge Grumpys blows, even swift step couldnt land a hit, Kyle was practically untouchable. Throwing away Grumpy like a ragdoll using his wind ability,
"AAArrrrrgghhh!!!" yelled Target landing another kick, Razor was enfuriated, shooting Target on his leg, kicking Target in the chest. For some reason the pain interferes with Target's jumps. He remained there in pain, quickly he took out a Light sword, slashing away at Razor who dodged and flew up high. "Get down here!"
Razor smiled and swooped down at an extreme speed, giving Target a massive clothsline, seding him spinning.
Kyle slamming Grumpy everywhere with tornados, not letting Grumpy get close even once, Grumpy pointed at Kyle and shot a bolt of lightning, "How did you use that power? I thought there was only one lightning member?" asked Kyle.
"Simple, Whenever I form a partner circuit, I also copy a small dose of their power, I can use them in a limited fashion though, I can only shoot lighting in one direction, can't even manouver it, not to mention it still stings my hand." replied Grumpy.
Target grabbed onto Razor , stabbing him from behind, Target's face got serious, he put his hand on a pebble, and teleported it into Razor's leg. making him cry in pain, Target teleported the pebble back into his hand, now soaked in blood, Razor's eyes changed, he experienced true fear. Quickly Target teleports and kicks Razor up , Razor's tears falling, He got up and reached for Target, who slapped his hand away and punched him in the face. Razor was looking Kyle, who was throwing punch after punch at Grumpy, Target place his hand on Razor, and Teleported into another dimension.
"Where am I??!?!?!?" yelled Razor, seeing the dark Parrallel universe, full of nightmares. where every nightmare became real, and now the world is overtaken by them
"Nightrealm 009. You're going to stay here for awhile. Razor begged on his knees for Target to take him back, and so he did. The minute they jumped back into the colosseum, Razor's eyes became maniacal as he stabbed Target 5 times with his hair. Target's eyes began to grow wider,
"Target!! I know what to do!" Yelled Grumpy as he reached out his hand "Access Generate: Twin Circuit!!"
both Grumpy and Target's faces became dead serious, both glowing with blue aura. Target teleported behind Razor and began using Grumpy's Swift Step. Razor flew up only to be punched down by Target. Target quickly Swft stepped a fist with the speed of a bullet into Razor's gut, knocking him out.
"New trick you got there huh Grumpy. Well I may not be able to control your mind, but Target's on the other hand." Kyle snickered "Attack Grumpy."
Target's eyes became lifeless, he teleported and swung a fist, Swift stepping out of the way, Grumpy successfully dogded, both of them in an unending dogde swing dodge battle with Swift step. Target teleported away from Grumpy. Only to have Grumpy teleport next to Kyle, but Target teleported Kyle to safety.
Fire's everywhere in the arena. Target and Kyle smiling. " GGRRUMMMMPPPYYY!!!" yelled Lin-ea reaching out her hand.
"Access Generator: Triple Circuit."
Grumpy's body now emmiting electricity. Kyle watched with a bored look, "Electrictiy won't hurt me fool."
"Oh I know, it isn't for you though." Grumpy smiled as he jumped next to Target , Expelling electricity from his body, shocking Target unconsious. Grumpy teleported to Kyle and punched him in the gut. "what the?"
"Your petty seals aren't gonna work that easily!!" Yelled Kyle slamming down Grumpy with wind. Using it it like gravity he kept pushing Grumpy down.
"But they work on me," He smiled as the seals began to appear on Grumpy's body, allowing him to get up and Swift step 500 punches at Kyle.
"WHY CAN'T I READ YOU MIND!!!" yelled Kyle,
"Circuits. My mind is connected with theirs. You're reading their minds, not mine." Grumpy explained.
"Why you little.." he said but was interupted by a swift punch by Grumpy.
Kyle looked up and was starting to realize, that he wouldn't be able to hurt Grumpy with wind. He began taking water from the clouds and throwing them at him, although Grumpy teleported and punched him anyway. "You won't stop me Grumpy!!!!"
Grumpy quickly dropkicked him into a wall.
"Catch phrase time Kyle" chuckled Grumpy.
"Darn youuuuu!!" yelled Kyle swinging a fist at Grumpy. Who grabbed it and jumped up. Placing a Seal under his foot, this one was a platform Grumpy can generate to step on in mid air, only available when the Seals are all over his body. His Seal mode.
"Lets see how far you falllll!!" grumpy yelled, getting his fist ready. "from heaven to HEELLLLLLLLL!!!!!" Swift Stepping his fist covered in aura with the speed of a jet, slamming Kyle into the floor, breaking apart the floor. Cracks everywhere. Placing his hand on Kyle. "Swift Light Judgement." pureifing all the darkness inside Kyle. Then doing the same on Razor.
Everyone waking up from the mind control. Jake and X wondering what happened.
"Winners! Grumpy and Target!!" Announced the computer.
Jake looked at Grumpy and the audience. "Well we have our grand champions!"
Later on in Grumpy's room.
"Man, I'm tired." Grumpy sighed, even though he just had one huge battle at the competition. Lin-ea came in, Grumpy lying down on his bed. She sat next to him and smiled.
"what? Got something on my face?" asked Grumpy.
"hmm, yeah, close your eyes and get a surprize." she said in a soft tone.
As he closed them. Not even wondering why she would make him close his eyes, besides the fact to kiss him,
"Oooowww!!! What are you crazy!!" Yelled Grumpy with a bump on his head, she had just punched him.
"You could have died, you took me out of the battle, not to mention, YOU MADE ME STAND UP IN THE BUS!!" she yelled
"Well yeh, the old lady wanted to sit next to me." Grumpy said in a bored tone.
"Not to mention you actually thought I would sit on your lap." her face getting red as she growled.
Knock knock.
"Come in!" yelled Grumpy eager that Lin-ea might forget that she was mad.
A young little girl was there standing, she had hair up to her shoulders, blue eyes, and had a glove with stripes on it. She asked in a polite way "Are Keitaro and Lin-ea here?"
"Yeh thats me-.." he was interupted as the girl jumped into his arms.
"Papa!!" she yelled
"What the Fu-"
POW, he was now interupted by Lin-ea "Don't cuss infront of a little girl!"
"Mama!!" The girl now jumped into her arms.
"what the he-" Lin-eas mouth now covered by Grumpy's hand,
"No cussing" he smiled , his hand getting bitten by Lin "ow ow ow"
The girl laughed and s did they.
"So. Who are you?" Grumpy asked.
"Dr Calfdry say's I was made from Mama and Papa's Dna!" she smiled, though she seemed young to be so intelligent.
"My sensors indicate that this was Dr Malwit Calfdry's newest experiment, Couple's have troubles making a baby at times, and so we took the idea of cloning, but used 2 kinds of dna at the same time, basically she is made with both DNA and is technocally your daugther." replied Lanna.
The girl began to tear, "I ran away, to see you two." hugging Lin-ea, wh got down, and picked her up.
"I can't believe I have a daughter." she said in a happy tone.
"Hey honey pie what's for dinner?" asked Grumpy as he got kicked in the face.
"I'm sorry he was picked to be your dad. So what's your name?" asked Lin-ea.
"Keia Hiro." she said and smiled.
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The Target

The Target

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:28 am

that chap was worth the wait lol.Nice chap.Next time razor i swear i am keeping you in that dimension Mad

Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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Dane Dweller

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)   Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:22 am

Hmm, there is no Dane, but you reveal to have a daughter...I don't know weither to say:
Daughter eh, but are you sure she was made with just DNA samples EyeBrows lol jk
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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)   

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Time Of Day Chapter 13 (Kyle's Revolution, Wait what?? DAUGHTER??? The Second Arch)

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