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 Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)

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PostSubject: Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)   Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:24 am

Time Of Day Chapter 23
Critical X has teleported to the great city, Fersona , capital of the world where all countries unite. Where the Presidents of each country resign. Xlr8 and Jake above ground watching the city from above.
"Alright men, remember the plan, all the noobs act as support for the pros, Ty and Luther are supplying us with their rapid fire abilites, their ability to summon CN heroes, and nano potions for those pf you who use nanos. Prepare for war." Announced Jake.
"X, I'm worried, what if you die babe?" asked Bella.
"Then I'll die for our members, for the people, I can bring hope," he replied.
The members got in their positions. The earth shook, sweat dropping. New members scarred, Pro members emotionless,
an explosive goes off in the city.
"What happened?? There's no sign of them!" yelled X.
"Sorry guys, I had other plans," said Ray as his dragon rose and burned away all the objects and blockades that were keeping people out.
"Why??" asked Jake
"Because you people wanted me gone, and now, I left" he laughed.
Dr Schrozengon Teleports his army within the city now that Ray took out the Block Program. The city now filled , half villians, half heroes, The armies collide, member after member having their body disentegrated as they die. Since as humans babies have a DRSL installed to disintigrate ones body after death inorder to keep it from rotting. Blood being shed everywhere.
Xlr8, Hom, Target, Jake, and Slim all go to their battle area, awaiting to give orders to the rest.
"Well Well. Professor said I was getting some great pets, but I didn't know he meant X and Jake" laughed Rumoy "Let's see how much blood you lose before you die"
"Everyone get ready, this might be your toughest battle yet." said Jake sourounding himself in asteroids.
Meanwhile Dane, Razor, Kyle, Liviana, and Rackelzo are ontop of a huge building, looking for the network VRO point,
A rock like creature with bug wings, a bald human head, and a shield with an evil face, crash lands onto the building,
"Whose ready to play tag" said the rock monster "I'm Furutsu, The rock monster with the all absorbing shield,"
"Told you , you should have brought the bug spray Razor," said Dane in a serious voice.
Back in front of a cave made by ray.
"Ray, we're going to take you down, you betrayed us." said Oliver, by his side stood, Nova, Rock, The System, Danny, Undelos, and Sky.
"You guy's couldn't handle my awesomeness. Now I'll feed you to my dragons." replied Ray
"Dragons? I thought you only had one." wondered Oliver.
Apocolypse max appears before them, this one smaller then the last one, but still powerful.
"Don't worry you won't be fighting him," Ray said as his dragons became armor and stuck onto him, "Now, let's see how you'll win."
The Great Scientist watches the city burn, "All is going according to plan"
"Is it?" replied Ty, behind him, ready to fight stood , Zoe, Zero, Bella, Ven.
"So, you think that you and your puny friends can defeat a man who can change reality?" asked the scientist,
"Oxygen 0%" said Ty.
The professor began choking, he typed a command on his yellow holographic keyboard and was able to breath.
"Well, looks like you were one of my own students." said Dr Schrozengon
"Worst, I was your son" replied Ty
Explosions everywhere, war cries heard through out the city. Young Kiea watches from a far. Tears on her cheeks, this was certainly a big disaster.
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Angelic Demon

Angelic Demon
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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)   Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:01 am

Nice story can't wait too see what happens next!Gosh poor Ty worst father evah..... Razz

I am something more than a demon or angel.I am much more than that........something that is both but different..... :moon:
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The Target

The Target

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)   Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:45 am

once more another great chap 👽

Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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PostSubject: Re: Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)   

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Time Of Day Chapter 23 (The Villains, War and Destruction)

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