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 Flaming Prime

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Fire Fist Nova

Fire Fist Nova

FusionFall Name : Nova galacticboomer
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PostSubject: Flaming Prime    Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:22 am

Flaming Prime

Okay So this is a remake for my original story The fire titan. I decided to rewrite it because I didn't like the story line so yeah. I give shadowsaiyian for the help of this story and his characters too! Oh and zerowing21 he helped a lot too!

Chapter 1: The fire E.V.O awakens.

The July sun beats down upon the Utopia village in Abysus. Inside a three story house there was a young boy with pink hair by the name of Nova Dragonborn, who was fast asleep in bed.

Nova's eyes began to move rapidly and seconds later, he opens them, gazing at his alarm clock. "What! It's eight thirty. I'M LATE!" Nova shouts as he springs from his bed, putting on a black pants and a purple shirt, along with purple shoes with black parts. Swinging his backpack over his shoulder, Nova sprints from the house.

Twenty minutes later Nova arrived at his school, Gaia elementary school.

Nova opened the door and entered Mr. Walker's classroom.

"Mr. Dragonborn your late. "

"Yeah sorry Mr. Walker I overslept.

"I see, well ill have to mark you tardy sorry. "Okay Mr. Walker."

Nova sat down next to Misora Hossi, and Devin Ryuga.

"Hi, Nova." Misora greeted Nova. "Hey Misora Nova replied."

"Hey Nova Devin replied back in a mocking voice."

"Shut up Devin." "Can it, its Ryuga for your information." "Whatever."

"Just ignore him Nova." Misora replied.

"I know, I know. "

After two hours of class it was lunch break. Nova and misora got there lunch but then Devin came up and knocked the tray out of Nova's hands.

"Hey klutz nice job." Devin and His friends laughed and walked away.

"Geez, what's that guys problem."

"He's just a low life Nova; don't let them get to you."

After lunch was done the day passed and school ended. The kids started to leave school and go back to their homes.

As Nova and Misora were walking home together Devin and his crew stopped them from going further.

Devin pointed at Nova. "Hey ## I want to fight you, right here right now.

"What! I-I can't! One of Devin's friends takes Misora hand. "Let go of me!"

"So what's it going to be? "Have your friend suffer or fight me and get a pounding of a life time!

Nova took off his backpack. "Fine, I'll fight you."

"Excellent." Devin ran at Nova, but suddenly a figure jumped in front of Nova and punched Devin making him fall on his back.

There it appeared a teenager wearing an orange sleeveless shirt that says Killer on it, and jeans, with black shaggy hair.

"You okay Nova?" Nova gasped "ANTONIO!" "Thanks for saving me! "No sweat kid."

Devin got back up. "Everybody, attack the teen!" Devin and his crew ran towards Antonio. Antonio jumped while kicking in the air and knocked out everyone except for Devin.

"Listen to me Devin, if you ever and I mean EVER mess with Nova or misora I'm coming for you!

Devin gulped and looked down at his pants to only see he wet himself. Devin started crying and ran away.

"Well that should teach the squirt to not bully."

After the event the three walked back to their homes. "Guys, if they ever mess with you guys again just tell me and I'll give them another beating."

"Okay, Nova and Misora both responded."

The Hossi's went to their house, and Nova went to his house. Nova opened the door to his house and entered it. He set his backpack down, and went to the fridge to get a drink and a snack. Nova found a note on the coffee table.

"Nova, me and your father are working late, will be back home soon. Love Mom and Dad. Nova sighed and put the note down and turned on the TV. The show Annoying orange appeared on the TV screen. "Oh god no. Nova quickly turned the TV off and set the TV remote Back on the couch.


A young boy was walking in the dangerous Hunters crest. He was looking for the soul collector so he can tell Zane where the wishing skulls are. The soul reaper appeared, telling Zane of his cruel fate of suffering. Demongo then placed a curse on Zane, while Zane fainted from after Demongo finished. Demongo disappeared and then a young teenager boy comes walking toward and sees the body of Zane. The teen runs toward and bends down to see if Zane was okay. He checked his pluse. " Still breathing good. The teen picked up Zane and put him on his back and carried him back to his camp.

Hours later Zane woke up and got up fast. He woke up only to see he was inside a tent. "Where am I? Zane got out of bed and exited the tent to only see a campfire. A deer suddenly ran out of the forest which seems to be running away from something, and then a arrow was shot and hit the deer in the neck. Zane turned to the direction to where the person shot the arrow. He saw a boy with a bow. " Yeah! I got me some meat! The boy said energetically. He then ran to the deer and took out a knife stabbed it and start to take the meat out. Zane witnessed this and shouted.

"No why would you do that! The boy turned around to see the boy. "Oh your finally awake." Zane stumbled. "Who are you, and why did you do that? "For food the boy said." "Say what's your name? "M-my name is Zane. "Oh Zane, my name is Dakugani Yoake. "Hey that's a nice sword on your back Zane replied back." "Thanks yours looks sweet too." Anyways what happened, why were you knocked out?

Zane told Daku what happened with him and Demongo. "Ahh that demon is always causing trouble." "Say didn't you say you were looking for the wishing skulls? "Uh yeah Zane replied.

" Daku smirked, "Well let's go find some. Zane looked up and smiled. "Okay lets go find them and get a wish! Daku and Zane ran away eagerly to find some skulls.

Thus started a wonderful friendship.

Nova's P.O.V

It was night time at Abysus and Nova was feeling sleepy. Nova headed to bed and fell fast asleep. Meanwhile at the Abysus Laboratory. Nova's father Omid and Mother Christa were walking in a hallway.

"So is the rumors true, is there a splinter group of scientist want to use nanites different then ours Christa asked." "Yes, unfortunately, Caesar, Rafael, and Violet Salazar find out and told me, they said they're going to do something about it Omid replied." "Boy, even though we had a successful test on Rex they still we still couldn't convince them Omid said."
"I still think about Nova, I hope he's okay."
"Yeah me to, replied Omid."

In a dark room Caesar was approaching the emergency button and pushed the button making the Nanite reactor explode. In the explosion it killed Omid, Crista, Violet, and Rafael. Caesar managed to take a ship into space escaping. However the laboratory got destroyed killing a lot of scientists.

Thus this began the Nanite accident.

The explosion caused Nanite's spread causing people in the world to affect them. Places everywhere were impacted by the event and they received Nanite's In their bodys. Some of the Nanites cause you to change into a monster or you get to still be a Human with a certain power. Of course since the Abysus laboratory the Abysus village had the most trouble.

Nova was in his house asleep. There was a light covering the whole village for a short time. Before you know it the whole village was destroyed. Nova was seen unconscious. Moments later Nova's eyes awakened and it appeared to be orange. Nova roared fire out of his mouth and got up and ignited in fire.
Antonio and Misora were under rubble clearly in a coma.

Nova screamed and his whole entire body ignited with fire. He ignited the air around him with fire too. He shot fire out of his legs and started blasting big fires and fire balls. He held up his hands with one fire being black and the other with the original color. He combined them together and shot it at some destroyed buildings. He raised his hands and made a big fireball and then when he was about to throw it a hooded figure through a scroll under Nova and it suddenly rise fire up at Nova.

This made Nova's body lose its glow and falls to the ground face down

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Angelic Demon

Angelic Demon
Kyle Comet

FusionFall Name : Mace Kenhero
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PostSubject: Re: Flaming Prime    Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:53 am

Awesome story Nova good job! Very Happy Whens the next chapter this was actually interesting! Smile

I am something more than a demon or angel.I am much more than that........something that is both but different..... :moon:
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Fire Fist Nova

Fire Fist Nova

FusionFall Name : Nova galacticboomer
Level : 36
Male Posts : 505
Join date : 2012-07-23
Age : 17
FF Location : Anime Land

PostSubject: Re: Flaming Prime    Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:22 am

Thanks Next chapter should be out soon. Just keep on waiting.

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The Target

The Target

FusionFall Name : Ultimate Annihalation
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PostSubject: Re: Flaming Prime    Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:42 am

great stuff i like how you included a point of view too Very Happy

Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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PostSubject: Re: Flaming Prime    

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Flaming Prime

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