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 How does the lottery work?

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Banned (See Profile For Reason)

Banned (See Profile For Reason)

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PostSubject: How does the lottery work?   Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:16 pm

There is one thing I have always wondered about the lottery system.  Say you buy a ticket, and lets say your ticket had all the winning numbers for the jackpot.

Now lets say you never take that ticket in to check it. The night of the drawing, will the system (computer) know that the winning numbers match a purchased ticket, then reset the jackpot of the minimus for it to start growing again?  Basically, if someone has a winning ticket on Saturday night but never takes it in to confirm, will they lose out and the money keeps going to the Wednesday drawing?  My best guess is they recognize a winning ticket from the computer first and not an actual person coming in with it.

What happens if the winning ticket holder never shows up? I've see how they can track down to what store in what city/state the ticket was purchased. Do they go as far as tracking you down and giving your your money?
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RETIRED Administrator

RETIRED Administrator
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PostSubject: Re: How does the lottery work?   Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:56 am

Well they couldn't be 100% sure on who bought the ticket but they can
narrow it down.
Though I don't know if the money expires after a certain time after no one has claimed the prize.
It's possible for tickets to be thrown in the bin and so sometimes there can never be a winner.

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." - Tony Stark, Iron Man.

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The Target

The Target

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PostSubject: Re: How does the lottery work?   Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:32 am

You dont show you dont show.But whoever doesnt show must feel tight Seriously

Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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PostSubject: Re: How does the lottery work?   

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How does the lottery work?

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