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 The Immortals (chapter 2)

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FusionFall Name : Zoe Bioshine
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PostSubject: The Immortals (chapter 2)   Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:37 am

"Happy birthday darling" My father said to me as he handed me a box wrapped in pink. Pink daddy, really? I was an odd 5 year old. i didnt like the color pink like all the other girls did. but instead, i liked the dark colors. the only time i liked pink was in my hair.i ignored the wrapping paper and opened the gift. when i opened the box, there was a necklace inside. i looked up and smiled. "look at it closer, Aurora" Jennifer said. i looked and saw it was a locket. i opened it and saw on one side was a picture of my parents and on the other side was me and my sister. i looked up and hugged my mother and father. "thank you" i let go of her parents and hugged Jennifer. There was a loud knock on the door. i looked towards it as my father went to go get it. as soon as he opened it, he fell to the ground. "daddy?" i said scared. then i noticed the steady flow of blood from his head. "daddy!!" i screamed. the men came into the house and got my sister, my mother and me. i was kicking and screaming, never letting go of the locket i had around my neck. eventually,i was knocked out cold.
when i woke up, i was in a cell. i couldnt see my sister anywhere. or my mother. i was beginning to worry. a big metal door opened and 5 guards walked in. 1 went to a cell to my right, another to my left, and 2 went to my cell. they opened the door and dragged me and the other 2 people out. then i saw who they were. my mother and sister. i was about to start to try and wiggle from their grasp when i heard a gun click behind me. then i felt someones breath against my neck "try anything and ill shoot you on the spot" my blood went cold. my pulse went up in speed. was i really gonna die at the age 5?? and on my birthday? this couldnt be happening. they took us through the metal door and i felt like i knew where we were. i knew the place and the city, but i couldnt recall it. then i saw him. Lord Jonathan stood there with 2 other people. i stopped breathing. one of the guests was his son Nicklous who was going to be a general when he was older, and the other was someone i couldnt make out. they wore a mask. not good. "put them on their knees facing one another" the masked figure said. it was obviously a guy, but that made me even more uneasy. "all of them except the little one" i was held in place by the 2 guards. the masked figure came up to my face. "hello there. i hear your name is Aurora. such a pretty name for a pretty girl."i kept a stone expression. he turned my my mother and sister, then turned to Lord Jonathan. "choose one of them to get rid of." he said. Lord Jonathan hesitated then nodded. my eyes widened. i tried to struggle free, but my captor tightened his grip. i winced in pain.Lord Jonathan lifted his sword. it happened in slow motion. his sword came down. i was in tears and so was my sister. we were now orphans. my mother lay there in a lifeless heap. i screamed and tried to fight them, but it was no use. i was to weak to fight. the man in the hood motioned the gaurds. "take them back to their cell" the guards nodded and dragged us back through the metal door and to our cell. me and my sister cried ourselves to sleep that night.


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The Immortals (chapter 2)

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