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 The Immortals (chapter 5)

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FusionFall Name : Zoe Bioshine
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PostSubject: The Immortals (chapter 5)   Sun May 05, 2013 4:41 am

I pulled the gun up and shot the first guard in sight. It wasnt a deadly hit, but it was a good start. It was in his leg. My sister ran up to the guard with a sword. She almost took a hit, but she dodged it just in time. She stabbed him in the stomach. He stepped back and held the wound in attempt to stop the bleeding a bit. He was in my line of fire, and he fell to the ground. 2 down, 4 to go. I grabbed the fallen guards sword and joined in the fight. I ran beside my sister. I saw another guard with a gun and ran towards him. He was about to shoot when I kicked the gun from his hands. As it fell, it shot and the bullet hit the foot of another guard. I kicked the disarmed guard in the chest and he stumbled back. I kicked him again and he fell to the floor. I stomped on his leg. There was a loud snap. I knew I had just ended one life and broke someones leg. I kept telling myself they deserved it for what theyve done. But they were just following orders. No, its their fault I kept telling myself. Someone was coming from behind my sister. I held up my gun and shot him in the chest. 4 down. but I could only see one more gaurd, and he was fighting my sister, which meant that the other must have gotten away and went to get back up. My sister got him in his side then his leg. He fell to the floor. I recongnized this guard. He was the one that ended my athers life. I then knew why my sister got him donw like she did. I walked over to them. I held my gun to his head. "Remember me?" I said devilishly. "You killed my father. And now, I kill you" I shot him. His chest stopped moving. I turned to my sister. "One of them got away. We need to get out of here, like now." I said. She nodded and we both ran out. That was supposed to be it, my glorious escape. Oh, but how wrong I was. It turns out, that was only the beginning.
Once we got outside, it was dark. night time, perfect time to escape. Once again, another thing I thought wrong. It was the worse. Patrols were everywhere. No doubt looking for people out after curfew. Not good. They would be asking for our IDs which we dont have. I motioned to my sister that we needed to stay quiet and stay in the shadows. She nodded in understanding. We stayed in the shadows, Nobody noticing us. We made it as far as our street when we realized, how would we take care of ourselves? We have been locked up for 14 years and we have no idea about what has changed. I knew there was no going back. With Nicklous as general now, we really needed to stay in hiding. I knew I would never forget what he did for us, but we still needed to watch our back. I knew this was all my fault. I wished I was never born at that time. But I knew that even without me born, this probably still would have happened. But I made it worse. "Its okay, Aurora." Jennifer touched my shoulder and smiled. We walked to our house, well I guess its considered our old house now. "Hey, were in the history books once again. We are the first people to get out of the Lords palace and survive" She said. I smiled. "Yeah, I guess we are" We heard patrols coming our way. Not just any patrols, the general. "They are most likely going to come this way back to their home. I want extra security on this street." He said. I noticed the voice immediantly. It was Nicklous.

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FusionFall Name : Zane Sunboskov
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortals (chapter 5)   Sun May 05, 2013 7:08 am

so this is an ACTION chapter of ACTION with ACTION and more ACTION, it has stealth too but a lot of ACTION LolFlag

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The Immortals (chapter 5)

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