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 You Can Now Become A PSM Developer For Free!

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The Target

The Target

FusionFall Name : Ultimate Annihalation
Level : 666
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Age : 19
FF Location : /dev/null

PostSubject: You Can Now Become A PSM Developer For Free!   Tue May 14, 2013 8:39 am

The Playstation blog has just announced that you can now become a Playstation Mobile developer for free, without the fee of $99/£65/€80 which is great, in the blog they state ‘this summer’, in Britain, it doesn’t exactly look like summer at the moment, but nevertheless this is great news!

To be frankly honest, I’ve always wanted to learn how to program, but I don’t think my brain has the capacity for it. So I tend to stay away from it. But I think that PSM games will come flooding through now that they have removed this expensive (ish) fee that deters a lot of people, ask yourself this:

Would you pay $100 to develop PSM games for Vita, and other devices?
now, ask yourself this;
Would you develop for the Vita and other devices for free?

If you wish to register up to be a developer for PSM, you can sign up through this link here. The games on there are pretty high standard, but usually it’s about the gameplay not the graphics that count. A fun, entertaining and simple game. (To a certain extent, we don’t want it to look like Minecraft now, do we?)

So, with that….. I think it’s time we saw Wagic on PSM!

Leave a comment if you’re going to make a game for it!

PlayStation EU blog


Its hard to dream once you're deep inside of one ...

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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oliver Zombieweasel

FusionFall Name : Oliver Zombieweasel
Level : 36
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Age : 21
FF Location : Elysium

PostSubject: Re: You Can Now Become A PSM Developer For Free!   Tue May 14, 2013 8:46 am

Summer? Really? We only had TWO summer-like days this year! And that was last weekend. Okay, maybe three. Less than five, at least. Anyway, I'm with you, Target. I tried to teach myself how to program, but the closest I can get is the Sims 3 Create a World.

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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You Can Now Become A PSM Developer For Free!

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