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 Microsoft will announce ‘tons of exclusives’ at E3, 21st Is ‘Laying Down The Foundations’

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The Target

The Target

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PostSubject: Microsoft will announce ‘tons of exclusives’ at E3, 21st Is ‘Laying Down The Foundations’   Wed May 22, 2013 7:21 am

Aaron Greenberg has said that there will  “tons of exclusives” at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

Oh boy!

Aaron Greenberg, the Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft has said that there will  be ‘world premieres’ and how it will be ‘all about the games’


This news comes from a Major Nelson podcast, released a few days ago, and  Greenberg said:

We’re really going to tell one story across two events, so we’re going to start on the 21st, and really that’s about revealing the next Xbox platform, really our vision for the future of games, the future of entertainment.We definitely have a lot of surprises planned


This sounds great, but let’s hope they’re not bad surprises!


I know everyone knows the Infinity Ward team is hard at work on world premiering the next Call of Duty: Ghosts, so we’re going to see what that looks like for the first time. People are going to get a great inside look at really the making of the new platform and the team that’s brought it to life.


He continued to say:


I mean, to be honest, it’s really about the team, the people here, that’s why we’re inviting people to campus, we’re going to bring them behind the scenes a little bit. We’ve never done this before and so it’s really exciting to be able to do that. But I think it’s a lot of laying the foundation, probably the best way to describe it, and then just a couple of weeks later we go to E3


At the very end of the podcast, Greenberg states that E3 ‘is all about the games’

Like he said above, CoD: Ghosts will be premiered on the 21st, but, will there be more? Well  like I mentioned in my weekly blog post, a few days ago, Square Enix posted a twitter status saying

I know. I’ve been such a tease. But next week…the smoke will clear.

The sheet is lifted.

The windows will be…. squeegeed.

You get it.

So, the first thing it lead me to think about was a game that was announced back in February known as ‘Murdered: Two Souls’ now, since the announcement apart from a trailer a few days later nothing has been said. So I bet that this game will be under the ‘world premiers’

If you had no idea about this game, here’s an article on its announcement, and here is its trailer:

Oh, and it has the best game page website ever. Murdered.com , there’s not much on there, just a repeating video of the trailer above.


What are YOU expecting on the horizon of exclusives and premiers?

Their E3 conference will happen on June 10th
Sorry again no images and videos I am on mobile Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Microsoft will announce ‘tons of exclusives’ at E3, 21st Is ‘Laying Down The Foundations’   Wed May 22, 2013 7:55 am

i'm expecting crash and burn, when you have a bunch of exclusives on a console for debut, then they're probably rushed out to help get games on the Xbox, and if their main attraction is meant to be Call of Duty, then well...yeah...*snoors*...hmmm what yes, i'm awake, i guess from just saying the name i fell asleep, i better not say Call of Duty aga...*snoors* Sleep

The most awesome guy you will ever see in gaming

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Microsoft will announce ‘tons of exclusives’ at E3, 21st Is ‘Laying Down The Foundations’

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