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 Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).

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PostSubject: Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).   Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:37 am

How are fans of Cartoon Cartoons and FusionFall, how are you?
Well, as I said, I returned to the project Fanfic international're more like hard think thought translator, will translate the fic by Google, more like the translator is not reliable, comment if you find one to fix error in translation.

Warning: this story is an adaptation of the game, and probably for that story looks like a war, the fic is not recommended for children under 14 years.

A Fanfic Based on the CN online game where the characters appear from the CN series, the story goes on CN Universe, where most of the stories CN happened, Plus they have to face an army of Planet Fusion terrorizing the universe by millennia, and the earth is your current target, another organization also comes to Earth in order to gather the Earth's warriors and make the Empire fall of Fusions, Fusion Fall.

Universe, space Endless and full of Mysteries, In Many Worlds and
numerous dangers, most including a threat that was considered a legend
that told about a powerful army of a world that until now no one was
able to defeat them, some say it is just a myth, because there was no evidence of its existence until today.
was such a feared world called Planet Fusion, More never know his next
target, but today something unexpected was about to happen June 9, 2012.

a civilized city, was in an inactive volcano that top had a kind of
cache, Inside there was someone coming into destroying fury because of
your stress.

AAHHHHHH, Again those girls meddling ruined my plan one more Time, CURSE. -
Says the subject who was a Green Monkey With a kind of shield on top of
his head, one Blue Shirt, White Pants and a cape Purple, named Mojo.

I can not even control or just a city, as it will control this filthy
world of Human useless, now I have to weigh in at a new ending for those
unfortunate. - Said the Mad Monkey still furious.

Then came another monkey being a type of soldier it with some sort of costume of wanting a certain message to the Fool.

Sir, we have something urgent you can be interested. - Says the soldier Mojo.

so? What could be so important to me, Mojo Jojo, his superior and
master, which means that I send you and we will do everything I send, in
this moment? - Says Mojo.

(Boy, I'm still not used the way he talks). - Does the Soldier Mojo.

Then the soldier took the monkey to the room and command shows something on the screen.

Something unknown is found in the area, try to check it was over when we got the photo, it was unbelievable. - Says Soldier Crazy Monkey with a photo in hand.

Let me see. -
Talking Monkey Crazy catching and seeing the photo, a shelf that had
been surprised over shortly after his face was a smile of malice.

Soldier, call others, have a lot to do today. - Crazy Monkey Speaks that then the Evil laughter.

Five days had passed, while somewhere in Bay City, across the sea, Two Young have been located in front of a Tomb.
If you spent a year after that accident, we should not have lowered our guard that day. -
Spoke to Young long hair in the Orange wearing a Fila red hair and her
clothes was a pink coat in half, A Black Shirt and skirt Pink, Blossom
(16 years).

it's time ta, let's back to the Industry where the teacher is working
at that time must have begun to interview the head of the company. -
Says the young blonde, who wore a dress of the same style of the other,
only instead of pink was a color Light Blue, Bubbles (16 years).

The two began to fly to the place mentioned.

Meanwhile, ahead of this industry, there was a crowd there, Journalists, reports and any who seek information.

the doors open and industry From a Subject that appears to be about 40
years old, wore white Jaleco appearing scientist came from within.

Does that owns this company? - Said one of the journalists.

Soon the subject will where the microphone was installed and starts talking.

day ladies and gentlemen, today the owner in Printed Dexlab will
mention about the new product that launched today, and here it is. - Says the Subject, Pr.Ultonium.

Soon he came out front to talk Real owner that appeared within the Industry.

Here it comes, it will be the same inventor, as will be the owner of that corporation? - Said one of the reporters.

Soon one Vineyard Youth Goggles, Gloves Purple, Orange Hair, and was the Owner of the company.

Good Day, I am the Owner of Print Dexlab, Dexter, now I irie ... He spoke about the owner of the company, Dexter (17 years).

Logo All the Crowd started laughing Owner Of Young for his size.

Hahaha, I do not believe, as this runt can be the owner of the largest company in the world? - Said one of the journalists.

Good gag, now call the true owner, will. - Said another journalist.

became enraged to hear that in followed picks a type of control that
tightens and appears a bunch of robots ranging Dogs Behind the Crowd.

Never call me again Spank her ... Dexter claimed.

No. Again - Said Pr.Ultonium.

More Inside the company, which warns a kind of control room, where one avia Robot Resembling a woman.

More What is this? It looks like a meteor, only here says ... Best notifies the Dexter. - Tell this robot.

the Front of Company Dexlab, Robots of Company were cleaning the dirt
of the confusion, while Dexter was with his assistants.

What you had in your head idiot? -
Said one of the assistants with a long Red hair with a small star on
top as garnish, wore glasses, coat A Scientist open with a navy blue
shirt with a star in the middle and a chore Jeans Black, Susan Test (19

not Suck, by the way customers in our new project will have to purchase
and discover on your own, this invention will be revolutionized
worldwide. - Dexter said.

Even though this kid has revolutionized the world when he founded the Dexlab two years ago, he also hired us to help you. -
The other assistant who resembled each other, but the red hair trapped,
had a small moon in the hair on top as garnish, also wore glasses, coat Scientist open with a light yellow shirt with a moon in the
middle and wore a long blue jeans Mary Test (19.)

Well, it is better to back other projects, we will. - Dexter said.

Hey,Hey,Hey, his dwarf, you promised that we would of vacation after the invention was released, and released today. - Says Susan complaining.

I regret more if waste time, developments in science will not progress soon. - Dexter said.

It's more ... - Susan said.

Without discussion and going back to work - Speaking Dexter back into the company.

(HIS DWARF SON OF ...). - Furious Susan thought.

They were Flying Logo, Blossom and Bubbles landing on the ground.

Apparently the interview was over, so how was it? - Said Bubbles.

Better not to know. - Says Susan.

Girls, glad you came, I would give them this more sooner or later. - Said the Pr.Ultonium taking something from the pocket.

What is this teacher, this is such an inventor that mention both? - Said Blossom Receiving something Pr.Ultonuim.

Exactly, this is the new device from Dexlab the Nanocon. - Says Pr.Ultonium Showing an Invention looking like a modern clock pulse.

unit will replace many things like luggage, computer and cell phones
and such, for he can hold an actual object you have in possession no
matter the size, and has a network of internet available as Ipad or a
Tablet as a simple "clockwork "has
a screen that size, appeared a hologram that only the sensors detect
only its owner and can also be used as a phone with the statement
holographic available it was laborious work that messes things, but now I
need to rest before the Lord Dexter think of another idea. - Speak with Pr.Ultonium sleeping face.

Awesome, thanks Teacher, we are grateful for the gifts. - Said Bubbles putting Nanocon in Pulse.

a shame that will work again, this guy Dexter has no heart in its
employees do not, huh? 24 hours without relaxing or a 10 seconds -
Talking Blossom.

Why not ask him to Blossom, since you two make a cute couple. - Said Bubbles.

Well the truth ... LIKE THIS COUPLE? - Calls Blossom.

yes, Blossom, Bubbles, became the Freedom to enjoy and add phone the
Mayor in his Nanocons thus will receive a link to their deeds heroes. - Speaks Pr.Ultonium Before going.

those who do not know these girls, they are known as the Powerpuff
Girls, years ago, they had been born in a failed experiment, plus also
born with superhuman abilities they use to fight the evil of your city.

After hearing the Pr.Ultonium, Bubbles and Blossom flew to heaven.

Well better go, since the summer holidays started, we should enjoy them, want to do first. - Said Bubbles flying.

Well, I do not know well, I guess flies to Hawaii and enjoyed the beach a Little. - Said Blossom also flying.

More we can not leave town, be something happening? - Bubbles Says Concerned.

Forgot what the professor said? Told him if something happens, our Nanocons
will alert us in 5 seconds and turn back and forth we decided to relax
on vacation. - Said Blossom.

If so, WHO WILL GET IN LAST WOMAN OF FATHER. - Said Bubbles flying quickly to the desired location.

Hey, it is not worth Bubbles, still with that attitude Child. - Said Blossom flying reaches Bubbles.

Yes it is that it's fun. - Flying Bubbles says cheerfully.

More after a joy to see something coming from the sky.

Bubbles, which wa ... what is it? Blossom says stopping and seeing the same thing as Bubbles.

Link Original:
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RadMaster Raj

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PostSubject: Re: Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).   Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:41 pm

I'm just going to be "That Guy" and point out.............you need a translator. Google really isnt all that reliable.

Like I've always said, I wish I could help............but i'm not bilingual.


My DeviantArt Account
Click here to leave a Request.

However I cant gurantee that I will get them finished fast..........or at all.
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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oliver Zombieweasel

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PostSubject: Re: Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).   Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:24 pm

Undarque wrote:
I'm just going to be "That Guy" and point out.............you need a translator. Google really isnt all that reliable.

People who say that usually haven't tried out Bing's translator.

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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Bo Ajaxbaboon

Bo Ajaxbaboon

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PostSubject: Re: Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:48 am

Undarque wrote:
I'm just going to be "That Guy"

But this time your "that girl" XD

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PostSubject: Re: Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).   

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Fusion Fall(Fanfic):Episode 1: A Collision Of Worlds (Adapted) - (Demo).

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