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 The day CN Universe stood still.(work in progress)

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Angel Archer

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PostSubject: The day CN Universe stood still.(work in progress)   Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:34 pm

Hey guys I've decided... this sleepless night/morning to write a story based on the CN Universe, and i would just like to give you guys a preview, but also its probably all gonna result in being changed anyways but for now, it will be less detailed and short, and its safe to call this part one i suppose.

P.S. forgive me for the mess this is XD and i hope you enjoyed. oh yeah, feed back feed back feed back Razz.
P.S.s. its based on CN Universe characters and such but.. i will be creating places and characters as well and adding them to the mix.

 August, 2015.... 
Its been a year and half since a hero has returned to this decaying land,
not surprising seeing as no matter how many of fuses minions or beast are killed they just keep recreating themselves...
seems like something of Commander Ed would of read in a horror/sci fi comic from when he was younger,
though the land was not being harvested of its fusions for a while... and the fuse infection was spreading due to lack of heroes...
there was still a glimmer of hope yet.

Deep beneath the De-bug zone.... was a program created for this very purpose, "they" saw this coming i guess.. from the early days,
this program was frozen in an iceberg, but not just any iceberg ... this berg was formed from the supposedly extinct Fourth flavor of ice cream, which Numbah Five and few others... in Generations had the chance to taste... before it was "lost", "they" figured centuries could pass by... and this thing could stay frozen till its activation... or  it activates itself.

Immediately following this.. Numbah One had contacted Numbah Five... and she fled the scene after tasting the last bit of The Fourth flavor on the tip of her red hat before its extinction.. shortly after receiving Numbah One's call.. she had received a call  from a Secret Agency that had explained they were watching her but not to be alarmed, they continued in this static-y message to say what they wanted, they said they could "find" this lost flavor again.. immediately this sparked Five's attention...but there was a catch.. it would mean her disappearance they continued to explain and how she could tell no one, and that they will take care of the communication but if she wanted to do this it was mandatory to act now... unsure of what was to come of this.. she agreed for the good of the Fourth flavor,
A short while back at Sector V, Numbah One became worried.. because Five was not returning His communications, He and His team then spread word to moon base that Five had gone missing.. they tried all they could to track Five.. but the S.C.A.M.P.E.R she had taken on her mission was even untraceable... Numbah One had then realized that if anyone could make a kid into a shadow... it was S.A.C.T not there enemy but they dont get in anyone's way... no one really knows there intentions, but they are known for there secrecy.. 

Numbah One then decided, that there was nothing they could do, upon receiving a letter, from the S.A.C.T, explaining everything and how she willingly went through with her own disappearance, they reaffirmed she will be coming back.. but it will be some time till that day.

..back at the S.A.C.T air base, they continued to conduct the proper test and steps to regain the vital substance from Numbah Five that would revive The Fourth flavor, day after day for months... they found next to nothing, but one tiny essence unheard of to humanity... or maybe a "lost" essence.. they began to study this essence instead... and came to the conclusion it was there target.. but they had a problem, it Had a aura around it self and was fully aware of its dwelling... they called in a favor to an old friend.. he was a knowledgeable man of this dimension and the next, in fact he was so knowledgeable he was a man but his appearance was that of a 10 year old boy..they called him Tom The mage, Tom examined the essence and began to explain it was from a dimension he had never even heard of.. in all his years of dimension hopping..He then began to extract the essence from her body using a thread he had "enhanced" and twenty six dimension portals, even the slightest miscalculation of precision could weave through her very soul, first he placed her body in-between six of the twenty six portals and surrounded them close to her, the pulling gravity-force of each of the portals was equal so it held her body steady in the air, he stood back and prepared the thread with all his focus he lifted his hand and threw both arms forward with a fine point of his fingers, 
moments later they waited for the string to return with the essence pierced on it but something terrible had happened.. or was it fate, the enhanced thread had activated something with in this ancient essence... Five's body started to glow and heat the entire room, everyone hid from fear of a nuke explosion embodied.. short after her body erupted into light that had torn through the dimensions surrounding her, they feared of what was to become of this... after the aura of light died down they concluded the essence and the thread created a reaction that had fused her body with the dimensions... the S.A.C.T scientist were prepared for something to go south so they called in for a favor from District 13 a sister ops group of S.A.C.T, D13 had come to there aid and took the body of Numbah Five or what was left of her down to the Guild sanctum, for testing and re cooperation of this body if possible...

Sandwiches. ~<3.
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Koopa Football Player

Koopa Football Player
Leon Steamhawk

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PostSubject: Re: The day CN Universe stood still.(work in progress)   Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:30 pm

Sounds kinda neat so far. Very Happy

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The day CN Universe stood still.(work in progress)

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