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 The Story of JayPhantom {Part 2}

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FusionFall Name : JayPhantom
Level : 30
Male Posts : 67
Join date : 2013-12-02
Age : 24
FF Location : Not Sure

PostSubject: The Story of JayPhantom {Part 2}   Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:23 am

And the story continues....

On their way to Genuis Groove, they encounter something strangely unfimiliar. It seamed to look like a Greenish version of Edd.
Caleb: Umm... Did you guys see that?
Me: Yeah, kinda looked like you, Edd.
Edd: Hmm.. That was strange. We might just be loosing our minds.

1 Hour later..

Edd: Were almost here! *gasping for air*
Me: Yeah..
Me: What time is it, Caleb?
Caleb: its 8:47..
Me: wow....
Me: How much further, Edd?
Edd: Were here!
Me: Sweet.
We walk up Dexter's Driveway.
Edd knocks on the door.
Dexter: Oh hey!
Edd: Hey, Dexter! Wow looks like Mandark is competive.
Dexter: Yeah... Clumbsy scum.
Edd:... Oh yeah! we came to show you something really odd. We're hoping you can find out something about it.
Dexter: Ok, yeah! for sure! Come in fellas!
We enter dexters house.
We enter dexters lab.
Edd: Wow, this beats my lab by a long shot!
Dexter: Yeah..
Me and Caleb: So what do you think this mysterious green slime is?
Dexter: Well.. let me take a look.
Dexter puts part of the goo under his microscope.
The slime does the same like it did for Edd.
Edd: Be careful! This stuff completely demolished my house.
Dexter: Ok....
Dexter takes a small glance.
Dexter: *Gasp* I know what this is!
Edd: Oh dear, what?
Dexter: I've read about this before!
Edd Caleb and I: What is it!?
Dexter: Its called...
Dexter looks in his notes.
Dexter: Oh no... I've been worried about this day...
Dexter: This stuff is called... Fusion Matter.
Edd: Oh.. Fusion Matter? If I may ask.
Dexter: Fusion Matter is made up of little tiny organisms that consume anything in it's way.
Edd with a blank stare.
Edd: Thats why it consumed my home.
Edd: There isn't a way to dispose of it is there?
Dexter: No the isn't.
Edd: Then whats going on?
Dexter: I don't know.
Dexter: Its time for me to warn the City.

Dexter gets ready to give out a warning to the city of CartoonNetwork.

Dexter: Citizens of CN City! We need all of your help!
Everyone gives out a blank stare.
Dexter: There's something upon us, that is dangerous!
Dexter: We need all of you to stay in doors untill we find out what is going on.

It is now 4:00 P.M.
Everyone is now indoors. Some didnt believe what Dexter said.
Everything was normal. Except the sky. Getting darker and darker each minute.
Everything went silent.
It stayed this way for about 5 minutes.
Everyone looking in the sky curious to see what is going on.
The sky gotten darker and darker green.
All of a sudden, *CRASH* Everyone hears a huge explosive crash.
Again everyone stopped what they were doing.
Ed Edd n Eddy looking up in the sky.
As I am in my house with caleb also looking up in the sky.
Then.. Another crash!
Again everyone in fear stopped what they were doing.
These crashes sounded like they were in the sky.
We all once again looked in the sky.
A Giant Planet with Green Fusion was comming closer and closer!
We all panicked!
We saw 5 meteorites come down from the planet.
We all ran for our lives.
As for me and caleb ran to the attic and watched the city be terrorized by Fusion Meteors.
Me: We shouldn't just sit here.
Caleb: What do you mean?
Me: Milions of people are getting killed! we can't just sit here and watch!
Me: No.. we need to do this!
I run to the kitchen and get a knife. I got one for Caleb too.
We run outside.
Edd: Oh dear!
Ed: Oooh Double D, look at the green thingies!
Eddy and Edd: I don't think these are green thingies ed!
A fusion grabs Edd's ankle.
Me: EDD!
I run towards the Cul-De-Sac.
I run and throw the knife at the fusions head.
It collapses.
Edd: Oh Dear Lord!
Me: Come on Edd! We need to get out of here!
Eddy: Guys come on, These guys might stop if we buy them a---- YEAH WE SHOULD RUN!
Edd: Wait, WHERES ED?!
Me: OOHhhh... Too late.. Im sorry! We need to go!
Edd and Eddy: ED!!

To be continued..
This was Part 2 of My story! Part 3 is comming soon!

Im JayPhantom! I have played FusionFall ever since 2009!

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The Story of JayPhantom {Part 2}

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