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 FusionFall: Scattered Drops 03 (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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PostSubject: FusionFall: Scattered Drops 03 (Viewer Discretion Advised)   Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:57 pm

As he warped he found himself staring at her, she looked totally different. She was wearing girly and stylish clothing that looked amazing on her, as if she was ready for a date. She wore a blue shoulder-less shirt, and a white skirt. Tailside shoes and carried around a star sword. She blushed and waved, slightly looking away slowly. After a while of following her around in an awkward silence that never ended he grabbed her arm, her whole face turned red as stared at the ground.

(basically that but in blue)

"Are you going to talk at all?" he asked softly

"I'm just not use to talking to guys, especially after my ex cheated on me and left me to die." she replied "He's probably doing a new bim bo right now..."

"Wow, I'm really sorry about that, tell you what. Let's go to the amusement park and face Bloo." he smiled.

They now ended up talking for hours, and shared a lot of info,she has a fear of horse just like him and loves swimming. She told him she always wanted a fosters blade, hex staff and black ace, she grinds for these items constantly, never getting anything. The grinding consumed her social life with the other Fallers. Though slowly through the course of the month Grumpy got her all 3 items, getting major injuries which led her to let him stay in her house for a while. She constantly looked at his face with a confused look.

He took her to see the Forum members, his blacksmith work space, and they even went with Josie and Riley to see Forgotten falls. Grumpy and Riley were the only ones actually swimming in the river. Alice had left her jacket on over her bikini, both her and Josie layed there sun bathing. Everyone seemed calm even though they might be found by fusions. Though suddenly Grumpy got out and walked to a different small island.

Josie sighed "He probably got a flashback of his sister."

Alice looked at her and asked "He never told me he had a sister"

"Well that's because she was kidnapped in a mission they were in"

3 Months Before

Grumpy sits by a Fusion lair portal waiting. A silence warm breeze fills the air, relaxing his mind and body. The day seemed so perfect, nothing could ruin it.

"Broottherrr, you didn't wait for me! You said we'd wait for the B.U.S together, but I had to ride it alone." she complained.

Grumpy looked over at his sister who wore antlers, a white shirt with big sleeves a skirt and boots. He smiled and said "##."

They spent the day going through lair after lair.

"Come on lets go get Mojo nanos!!!" she yelled as she rode a cloud.

But it was getting really late, at night the fusions are merciless and are more dangerous. Grumpy wasn't too sure, but he went either way. The two of them were doing fine, getting some rares and receiving no damage. The cave shook, both of them fell to their knees, a crack separated them. Grumpy's was rising and hers lowered, his face turned pale as he reached for her. The fusion monkeys swarmed around her. Grumpy without a second thought jumped to her side, but was tackled down. He looked up as they picked her up and started flying away, he buddy warped and grabbed her hand. He got his nanos out and told them to save her, but they stayed beside him knocking out the monsters around him, nanos prioritize owners over all else.

"BROOTHHEEERR!!!" She yelled with tears in her eyes.

"## It, I'm not going to..."

a puncture wound is heard, a claw through Grumpy's stomach. His nano quickly grabbed his hand and made him hit the warp button.

"I....promise...I'll find out where they take you."


"So that's why he never seems to use nanos." Alice replied.

They both drank their juice as Riley got out of the water. The question on all their minds was about Xlr8's suicidal mission. What would using 2 nanos do to really help beat Fuse. Grumpy came back with a giant paintbrush which was a rare in that area. He looked through all of Fusionfall 5 times a day for the past months. No sign of his sister anywhere. The four sat there while Josie asked them personal questions.

"We'll go get some snacks and warp back, c'mon Josie." said Riley in an excited voice as they rode their hovercar.

Grumpy couldn't look at Alice directly now knowing she was in her bikini so he started drawing. She watched over his shoulder which made him even more nervous. He turned and was about to talk to her until someone warped to her. Her ex.

A blonde pretty boy wearing a fish fin on his head and wearing ehd pants showed up. Bo Betaboy. He turned around and looked at Alice, the look on his face was creepy and easy to understand.

"Nice, I saw how the friends list said you were in Forgotten falls, I was hoping you were bathing without cloths on, but this is just as good." he started walking towards us, Alice hiding behind me and latching onto my arm. "Oh you replaced me already? With this emo poser? Hey buddy, scram before I hurt you, she's mine."

Grumpy got up and stood infront of him. Both of them had angry looks, the tension in the atmosphere was weird. Bo closed his fists, smiled and swung a sucker punch. Grumpy moved his head only a few centimeters to the left, causing Bo to miss. Punch after punch, none connecting.
Grumpy lands a punch to the gut and puts his gun against Bo's forehead.

"You're wrong. You can't replace trash, if you ever talk to her or think of her like that again I will blast those blue eyes of yours."

Bo got scared and warped away. Alice went behind a tree and changed, she came to Grumpy and thanked him by hugging him.

"You still hug like a girl." said Grumpy as he laughed.
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PostSubject: Re: FusionFall: Scattered Drops 03 (Viewer Discretion Advised)   Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:32 am

d'aaaawwwwwwwww saaaaad Sad

haha oh man i love the forgotten falls though xD
i also love that one cave place with the castles xD i've only ever been there twice though xD


but i love this! you really must keep writing them i wanna hear it aaalll


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FusionFall: Scattered Drops 03 (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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