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 FusionFall Scattered Drops 006: Blood Green (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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PostSubject: FusionFall Scattered Drops 006: Blood Green (Viewer Discretion Advised)   Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:40 pm

Zero's skills were like nothing Grumpy had ever seen before. Hitting him from the sides without a warning, knocking him down repeatedly, Grumpy kept shooting with his carbine but any hits that wouldn't miss were blocked by the Guard power. Zero's weakness was the fact that he had to keep his distance from him, the closer he is the less speed the bullets can accelerate in time. Grumpy used this to his advantage by running up to him with his nano's speed boost. Zero's eye began t change it's color, from brown to green. He covered his eye in agony, something was burning him. Tears came down his face. The side affects seemed to have taken a hold on him. Zero bit his lip, causing it to bleed and quickly got up. He used his scattershot gun and fired away, Grumpy kept dodging the hits. Zero jumped into the air and smiled as his weapon vanished, and then he brought out 2 heavy bio plasma cannons.

"Thanks to the pills I can dual wield these puppies. AHAHAHAHHA!" laughing maniacally he bombarded the cave with the explosions.

 Alice and the others were safe behind a boulder that has a hole on the side, taking shelter within it. Grumpy's hp was at 20%, Zero's was 40% but slowly kept going down. his expression changed from a smile to despair. The blood in his veins began to turn green, making it look like he had vines on his face. Zero called out in a painful shriek, crawling towards Grumpy. His Bio plasma gun aimed. Zero sighed and tossed the gun over to Grumpy. His hp now reaching 15%.

"I forgot to mention, there were a bunch of fusion monsters being held back by some members in here, they were going to keep them away while we killed you. Now that I think about it, they're obviously on their way here. We're all done for." Zero coughed in agony. "Meteor Guardians, eyebores, and all the other floating fusions are coming. They'll either kill you guys or take you to Fuse."

Roars are heard in the distance. Zero gets on his feet and walks towards the monstrous noise. Planning to hold them off for Grumpy's team. Though he was erupted within seconds by the eyebores.

 Grumpy and the team began running towards any exit they could find, but everywhere they turned the fusions popped out. One of the guardians managed to grab alice and Josie, who grabbed onto Riley. Grumpy began shooting the Meteor Guardian down but it failed. Both the girls were being taken, Grumpy hesitated but swallowed the pill. His speed increased, he reached the monster within seconds, grabbing both their hands and anchoring himself into a hill side. Both their eyes were watering. Sweat dripped from all of them, Riley watched and worried. However he was blasted down to 0% by a Fusion Scottsman.

  Josie's eyes opened wide, an emotionless face turned into a face of sheer pain. She looked over at Grumpy as he cut them both down to safety. He took out both Bloo and Humongosaur, steadying his position and rushed into the fight. Bullets and slices flew around, Alice jumping in and out into the fight. The Scottsman stood before him, showing off dominance. Grumpy stared as he readied his sword for the next hit. Blocking swing after swing he was hit by his machine gun leg. Alice jumped in and began slicing away his hp. It laughed and slammed her into a wall. Fusion Blowfishes swarmed around her smiling, a thousand eruption patches appeared on the ground under her. Slowly she looked at Grumpy as he looked back at her. Slowly they both reached out to eachother.

The green beam of death flashed the cave. Josie's screams were louder than any explosion, Grumpy's eyes turned green as he killed each and every one of the blowfishes. 

"STOP PLEASE!! YOU'LL DIE LIKE ZERO!!!" she yelled as the Guardians teamed up to take her away.

 Grumpy realized they did and jumped towards them, using Humungosaur's power to damage them all her grabbed her hand. They were pulled higher and higher. 

"Promise me you'll find me". Josie stared at him

"I Promise..." Grumpy replied as Josie bit his hand. Grumpy fell faster and faster, his nano cheese healed him to full hp. He landed carefully and used the exit. He stood there by the lair, down onto his knees he fell. His cries filled the silent wasteland. His green eyes burned him, but he couldn't feel it anymore, he just kept yelling. 

 "Did you forget I had a revival nano?" Alice moaned in pain.

Grumpy's eyes widened as she got closer. 

 "Geez, you took the pill, I can't belie..." she was interrupted as her held her close. The both stayed silent for minutes. "I was worried about you too Grumpy..."

Back At Fuse's Lair:

"Fru Nack Elo Soferao"
(Translation)"Sir, we brought the new godess"  

Fuse smiled as he looked at this mutated girl, she appeared to be a normal girl, except she wore a fusion matter dress and gloves, her red eyes showed true sadness. She silently awaits the day her knight saves her.
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PostSubject: Re: FusionFall Scattered Drops 006: Blood Green (Viewer Discretion Advised)   Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:54 am

I don't even know what to do with my life anymore....

I'm pretty sure i have become a marcie fangirl hahahahahaha xD

This... is just... so....

idk... i'm out of words....


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FusionFall Scattered Drops 006: Blood Green (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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