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 FusionFall Scattered Drops 007: Bloody Dress (Viewer Beware.)

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PostSubject: FusionFall Scattered Drops 007: Bloody Dress (Viewer Beware.)   Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:59 pm

music that I listened to while wrtiting.

you can read it while listening too now.


  Grumpy and Alice arrived at the base, Xlr8 and the rest had collected the items they needed, the final fight could begin. He looked at Oliver and started to frown. How could he send the scientific Zombieweasel into the fight so suddenly. He, Hom and Grumpy had their combat experience, though Grumpy was a street fighter. Xlr8 then realized, they weren't the only community of Fallers. So he went ahead and searched for an old friend, Jake Magnovoid. 

"You can't replace me with Jake, you gave me the pill, let me use it to fight Fuse." Oliver complained.

"Look, Jake is on a whole other level than you, you have no fighting abilities in you!" Xlr8 exclaimed.

 Oliver gave up and wished them luck. The plan was simple, all the remaining Fallers would hold off Fuse's army to keep them from helping him. The 4 of them will go to Fuse and kill him using the pills to power up and use more than 1 nano. After hearing about how Zero was unable to control the pill and that Grumpy fell victim to side effects from using too much of his new abilities. Xlr8 decided they would all use the powers to take out Fuse rapidly. They all gathered around Scampers and were taken to the Lair entrance, endless swarms of Fusions and Fusion monsters waited for them, Grumpy and Hom took out Demongo within seconds, leaving the rest of the fallers to take out the stone creatures and the don dooms. The 4 of them panted from all the damage the army was taking, healing nanos used up all their power. Grumpy and the others reached to the midway point. Grumpy's eyes widened as he looked up, sweat dripping as he saw Josie hanging there. The Matter slathered on most of her body. Without a second thought he used a rocket nano and got her down, ripping off the matter. She coughed so weakly, like a sneezing kitten. He handed her to Oliver and stood up 

"Told you I'd come see. We'll stop Fuse, watch over her Olive." Grumpy and the other 3 walked away. 

 They climbed through fields of fusion matter, killed monsters and gathered their supplies. Hom heard noises above them as soon as they got closer to the end of the lair. Four girls stood there, Fusion Mutants. Fusion Princess, Spawndella, Bandora, and Amphia. The aces of the Fuse army. Grumpy stared at the Princess and realized her face was familiar, his sister was alive.
"If you drop their hp to 0 they'll become humans again." Xlr8 encouraged as he ran towards Spawndella.

 The princess jumped away luring Grumpy towards her. Hom and Bandora clashed their foreheads and had a steady stare down. Jake calmly took out his crayon pistol, and positioned himself. Amphia floated around him, they were the exact same. Calm, attentive and careful. The princess kept using eruption after eruption, taking a chunk of Grumpy's hp. Swiftly she shielded herself from incoming bullets with her fusion shield. It was basically the Guard Power, but green and made entirely out of Fusion Matter. Hom smiled and grabbed onto her chest. Bandora yelled and got on her knees, giving Hom a chance to smash her down with his gauntlet. Xlr8 kept slicing the fusion spawns that Spawndella tossed at him,rushing in to slice her head off. The 4 generals of Fuse's army taken down easily. The pill's power was amazing. Jake hopped around as Amphia shot electricity at him. His crayon bullets were explosive and took more than half her life with just one shot. Kicking her down as she got closer to her, the three of them were now back to normal. Grumpy had trouble , he couldn't hurt his sister. So Jake shot her down from behind. Grumpy nodded as he picked her up.

  She smiled and hugged him, she couldn't believe it was over, she was no longer possessed. Grumpy told her to warp to the other fallers. The 4 of them stood infront of the hill where the pit to Fuse was. They took deep breaths. Grumpy crouched and tried to calm down. Xlr8 and Hom brofisted as Jake put his hand on Grumpy's shoulder. 

"Let's go, save our world."
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PostSubject: Re: FusionFall Scattered Drops 007: Bloody Dress (Viewer Beware.)   Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:10 pm



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FusionFall Scattered Drops 007: Bloody Dress (Viewer Beware.)

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