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 Piercing Green Sorrow:Saffron Chronicles (Viewer discretion really really advised)

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PostSubject: Piercing Green Sorrow:Saffron Chronicles (Viewer discretion really really advised)   Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:30 am

Time for the real saffron to get his story, so I took out Grumpy and now saffron's the one who is the main protagonist. This one WILL be really offensive, so bad Xlr8 might censor some stuff. 
Or add a picture of a pony with obama's face at the end of the story. Balance it all out.

"Let us in!!!Please!! My babies need me!!!" a woman yells, her fingers bleeding as she clawed the walls of a big steel dome.

Mllions of people waiting around the dome,hoping for the doors to open. Their only salvation.

On a big screen on a huge building, a new woman gave her report.
"Extraction X was a failure, it doesn't affect the body at all, people are still dying from exposure to the fusion matter, Fuse is dead. I repeat, Fuse is dead but the problem is still here. The death of Fuse caused an explosion, coving Earth completely with matter except for the special domes Dexter made before hand,  the dome scans the area and teleports anyone who is not contaminated with toxins inside. Nanos were also another factor that kept the people from being contaminated, Antidote nanos are the only fusion matter shield. Unfortunately the nanos can only last so long, and it doesn't cure anyone who was already contaminated. The president of The X States, Exel Erate has put his top scientific team to work. Oliver Zombieweasel has stated that he can cure the contaminated people. He'll just need time and supplies. People everywhere have gone insane, trying to break into the dome, stealing from stores, men using the women they can get their hands on. Cases where a mother would offer her body inorder to get their kids into the dome. "
  In an office inside the safest dome, sat Grumpy and Saffron. They were known as the greatest actors and soldiers to have ever appeared. Grumpy was the director of many movies, he also drew things. He wore a blacklight shirt, clockwork pants, engineer boots and wore his berret. His emo hair covering one eye. Saffron's hair was spiky. He wore a red ace jacket, franken pants and king boots. Nano number 4 floating around him, his eyes black and cold. Grumpy was the hilarious brother while Saffron was the distant one who only opened up to Grumps. Saffron was called for a serious mission, he had to leave the dome alone and search for anyone who survived using a nano. Xlr8 alongside his Vice, Hom, and his wife the blonde beauty Yiora waited for Saffron at the gate. He was looking for his nanos, picking out 2 for himself and taking an Antidote nano. He decided to take Blossom, she would make the job less creepy, he also took numbah 4 and Demongo. The only breakthrough in Nano tech is the fact that nanos can use all 3 of their powers. They would also be able to use 2 nanos but one of the has to be the antidote nano.

 "See you soon Saffron, have a safe trip. Don't let those monsters kill you." Xlr8 said as he waved goodbye.

  The dome teleported him into the middle of a random city. Saffron looked over to an alley, a few guys ran out laughing. Saffron got closer and saw a woman crying, her clothes ripped off. She took out an apple of discord and bit it hard. 


   Saffron saw this happen before, now a days he barely blinks. He walked around aimlessly, his Blossom nano kept talking about things she saw lately. When you put a nano away it's taken to a small city where they all live and talk to one another, like their own virtual world. Saffron kept picking up random broken items, tossing them after clearing a path. He looked over at blossom and gave her a gumball, her cheeks puffed up in a cute fashion. 

 A soft song is heard in the distance.

"The moon, it talks to me.
 The moon, it cries to me.
 It can't go to sleep
 Thanks to all the screams.

 The blood fills up the road
 The mothers weep
 The babies cry
 Can you hear it?
 Can you smell the deaths?
 Please moon let me go there with you."

 Saffron heard the voice of the little girl and tried to get close to her. A small 8 year old girl stood there on the roof, singing her heart out, teary eyed. Her white hair was flowing in the wind, she smiled as she looked at Saffron. Saffron was confused, the girl had no nano yet was not contaminated. Her eyes were green and all she had on was a little white dress. He found the girl who could save the the planet.

"Hi mister."
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PostSubject: Re: Piercing Green Sorrow:Saffron Chronicles (Viewer discretion really really advised)   Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:05 pm

ooooooooh dramatic :O


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Piercing Green Sorrow:Saffron Chronicles (Viewer discretion really really advised)

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