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 The Droe Valentines Day Special (Story)

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FusionFall Name : Zane Sunboskov
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PostSubject: The Droe Valentines Day Special (Story)   Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:50 am

so for the honored day of i love you, you heart me, blah blah blah, it's time for this special  cheers anyway, this takes place in my series of stories (because of short notice) so ummm, let's get it on

It was almost time. After years of research, planning, and building, (with a little help from Grumpy and Oliver) it was almost done. Zane was at last nearing completion to the Portal Device. At this he said to himself in triumph, "Yes! Just gotta install a couple more parts and-" The sliding door opened, and in walked X.

"Hey man, just thought I'd see how you're doing." "Fantastic! Soon all my efforts will pay off." "You said that the last time...and the time before that." "But this time-" "Zane, its been three years when are you gonna let this go? Listen, I know with Rex and Alice being engaged you feel left out, but its been three years. "Its not like I'm devoting all my time to this thing. Portal technology to transport yourself to what probably isn't even in the confines of this dimension is complicated." "Oh now you sound like Oliver." "Hehe, yeah...But you kinda need to with this." "Good point. By the way the guys and I are going out for some pizza, you wanna come with?" "Well I guess I could use a breather. Besides, I need to ask Oli if he still has that Flux Capacitor and Sonic Screwdriver. Good thing that's not just in the movies now, huh?"

ONE TRIP TO THE PIZZERIA LATER: "Man, its a good thing Oli still had this stuff." Zane said to himself. "Okay...back to work. Just gotta cross the blue wire with the red wire and...SHAZ-Oh that's right, I'm not trying to force it this time. How did those wires go again?" "Red to red, blue to blue." A voice said from behind. "Oh...Hey, sis." "Right back at ya. So how's the old portal coming along?" "Nearly done. Just have to close one more circuit...Okay, should be ready to go." "Cool, but where's the on/off lever?" "Doh! Forgot to attach that. Fortunately there's one right here."

ONE LEVER INSTALLATION LATER: "Okay, now its ready." "Sweet. Pull the lever, Zane!" "Coordinates need to be set first. Wouldn't want a space demon to come through there." The coordinates panel consisted of a a connected console with a screen reading out planet names, and providing visuals. "Let's see here...Xenu, those guys are just weird...Rilgar, don't wanna go to that birthday party...Citadel, that's not even a planet...Ah, Falios, that's it." (if anyone gets those references i'll be surprised)

MEANWHILE, ON FALIOS: In the back of a small town in the middle of a vast desert stands New Faler Castle, and within this castle stands the Old Portal Device; dragged a mile across the land. Much of it couldn't be salvaged, but what remained stood as a reminder of Zane and his deeds. Also within this grand building are many rooms, and one of these rooms houses Zoe, just laying back on her bed with the company of her thoughts. Suddenly, the door opened. It was Kyle.

"Hey Zo' just thought I'd pop in for a minute. What ya thinking about?" "Oh, you know...stuff." "Zane, right?" "How'd you know?" "Just had a feeling. You sure had something special, huh?" "Yeah...I just got a feeling lately, like he'll back soon or something." "Trust your gut, when I get a feel for something its just right somehow." "Oh haha...but thanks, Kyle. You always know just what to say." "Happy to help. Well I need to get back to-" The loud roar of a machine came up from the downstairs hall. "Ummm...am I hearing things or is that the Portal Generator." "Maybe its..." "No, no there's now way-You wanna check don't you?" "Yes!"

BACK ON CN: "Well that's strange." "What?" "It seems like its picking up on a signal from another portal." "Maybe its the one you destroyed on your last visit." "No, that thing was half busted when I got it working. And the signal is about where the town was; nowhere near Faler." "Well that's where Zoe lived, right? Might as well just see." "Good point."

Zane pulled the lever, and the machine started up. At first, there was nothing, but then sparks started from the upper portion as the portal began to form. "Yes! Finally, three long years have amounted to something!" "Congratulations! I guess you'll be going through now, right?" "Indeed I shall." "I'll go tell the others then. When will you be back?" "If I'm not back in a week or so then you can worry." "Happy portaling!" "Bon voyage."

Going through the Portal, Zane felt a different sensation to what he remembered from last time; almost...rejuvenating.

Arriving on Falios, Zane found himself within the halls of grand castle, the old portal generator sat behind him, keeping his doorway home intact. Kyle and Ausi stood at the base of the steps, and with them was the only person Zane noticed at the time: Zoe. It took a moment for the two to fully comprehend what they were seeing; at first just staring blank faced at each other. "Zoe?" "Zane?" They ran at each other, arms spread wide open as they embraced in a welcoming hug. "You're back? You're really back?" "Yes, Zoe. Yes."

"Uh, ahem! We're right here you know!" "Oh! S-sorry! Didn't see you there, hehe." "Well you two have clearly gotten...acquainted. So...what have you been doing these past three months?" "Uh, three years, man." "No, its only been three months, I don't see where you got all that time from." "Oh well that explains why I feel three years younger all of a sudden. Some sort of dimensional time difference." "And what would that mean exactly?" "Meaning three months here is like three years for me." "Anyway, I'll take it you and Zoe wanna spend some time together, so we'll catch up later." Kyle and Ausi left, leaving Zane and Zoe some time to get reacquainted. (as if they weren't already) "So...what do you wanna do?" "Hmmm...do you still have that ballroom from the last time I was here?" "Uh, yeah. Its right down the hall on the right." "Great! Come on."

ONE WALK TO THE BALLROOM LATER: The ballroom was just as Zane had remembered it; a large roofed area with chandeliers dotting the area overhead. A table for concessions was on the side, with a stage in the back for music. "So a dance, is that it?" "Its how we met, and its how we're going to celebrate our reunion." Zane hopped onto the stage, putting on some romantic music. (that i won't select because i'm too lazy) And they danced, danced for what might have been hours. Dancing and talking throughout the night. Too long had they been separated all that time ago, and now could finally be together.

And they were happy...

The End

cut, cut, fade to black, all those directing calls, now that you all have read this...honey muffin! you can post your side now...oh, you're not on right now and i'm not actually talking to you?  Seriously well ok, sorry to waste your time

Happy Valentines Day everyone  Excited i should've said that in the beginning but i'm too lazy to scroll up the page  Yeah Right

The most awesome guy you will ever see in gaming

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Mugiwara no luffy

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PostSubject: Re: The Droe Valentines Day Special (Story)   Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:21 am

Nice story Dragoon :Smile) it could be a real manga XD

my new look on char lvl 50 gear XD i'm luffy XD
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The Droe Valentines Day Special (Story)

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