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 How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!

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RadMaster Raj

FusionFall Name : Rex Undelos
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PostSubject: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   Sat May 17, 2014 6:14 pm

Found this after catching up on some shows that I got into:

How to be a bad artist by Paxiti on dA

Everything I read in this blog............is 110% true.

But I want to add on a few things:

1.) I actually DO have an ego. Yus, it does rear its ugly head.

But at the same time, I feel as though I suck as an artist. Sometimes when I mess up on a certain pose, I internally scold myself for messing up on something that "I should already know." Alot of what I draw, I really feel I should know already but am often shocked by how much I CANT draw straight from my own head. Its the most frustrating part of being an artist. Its hard to fail at something that you feel is something that you've trained for.

I have been desperately trying to learn action poses so I can start my comic Idea. Backgrounds can wait. It is poses that get me.

My special ability however is the fact that when I see something that I want to try to emulate and draw later, 90% of the time I can take a photographic shot of it and try to work it into my current skill. Sometimes it doesnt work but usually when it fails, I just end up remembering it at some later point in time.

2.) The "making bad art most of the time" thing is VEEEERRRRY TRUE.

^^^See this?^^^

This is Bristol board. This awesome paper has a smooth finish and takes pencil REALLY WELL! Because it is so perfect for just about anything.......it comes with a price. Each packet of 11" x 14" Bristol board is about $11 dollars here in a general craft store. That is expensive seeing as how you only get 20 sheets in a pack.

I have bought about 6 of these in total over the expanse of 2 years or so.

This would mean that I have had about 120 sheets or so rite??

I only "finished" work
(outlined with black india ink in that sassy professional way) on 13 sheets.

Wanna guess how many ive wasted?
Thing is, for every drawing I put up here, I mess up about 4-5 of them at a time. some days it gets to about 7-8 before I produce something worth hosting up.

Dont think that really good artists never mess up. We mess up just about as much as you do.

What separates a good artist from a bad one is the one that pulls out the next blank sheet and tries again.

3.) If you put your art up here and we say its good, never think that we're just saying that. Everyone here has had that moment when they uploaded something that was unexpectedly better than what we were expecting from them. Grumpz has done it, Oliver has definetly done it. Glory has done it too. So has Zoe.

Me personally I dont believe in Artist Corrective Criticism. Getting to the bare bones of it all........sometimes you just want someone to just see your work and be amazed by it. You just want the recognition for doing something new or creating something amazing. I know I dont want someone poking holes in my technique. I just want someone to recognize its existence.
And thats what I assume you guys want here.

Not only that, you guys subconsciously force yourselves to improve with each and every drawing. I mean, why wouldnt you when you have a captivated audience and you want to amaze them with something MORE that you can do.

Not saying either that we're just saying stuff to make you happy. We're saying you did an awesome job based off of your improvement from your last picture. Take for instance Glory's recent pic. Because she has an audience that cares to see what she makes, she WANTS to become better to amaze more potential watchers/viewers. Thats what finally got her to the point where she made her first drawing where she was truly happy with the hands and feet of her subjects; an area in which she apparently has had trouble in.

Guess what she will do next?

She will remember what she did and work it into her skills for later pictures.

Thats what it means to be A GOOD artist.

One who can accept criticism just as well as self improve upon one's self.

Never be stopped and keep going forward..............because if we were to count pictures, I probably have more awful drawings than you do.


My DeviantArt Account
Click here to leave a Request.

However I cant gurantee that I will get them finished fast..........or at all.
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FusionFall Name : Zane Sunboskov
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PostSubject: Re: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   Sat May 17, 2014 6:22 pm

well i'm already a bad artist, so i don't need to look at that blog  Ed Face 

The most awesome guy you will ever see in gaming

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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oliver Zombieweasel

FusionFall Name : Oliver Zombieweasel
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PostSubject: Re: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   Sat May 17, 2014 6:29 pm

Can I just say that Glory has never uploaded art better than I thought it would be. It's always as awesome as I thought.

Anyway, I might look at this later. Think 

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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FusionFall Name : Grumpy Druidsheep
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PostSubject: Re: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   Sat May 17, 2014 10:59 pm

well this made me remember some things, I like it.
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FusionFall Name : Josie Gloryangel
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PostSubject: Re: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   Mon May 19, 2014 11:06 am

I FEEL SO LOVED!!!!  Hug   Hug  Hug 

I love this!!!
Yeah i am always really cautious with criticism...
The simpler and easiest to improve the better...

But i just do that because i wanna help others grow,
But i make sure they understand how much i love it first hahaha

Because i have a friend here,
And he like wants to work for pixar and stuff...

And so he'll like jokingly make fun of my drawings sometimes before i finish....
And that bugs me....

So i never want anyone else to feel like that Smile 

But yeah, i really like this Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!   

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How to be a bad artist - Tips on how to get better!

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