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 Minecraft Fusionfall! Another server

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PostSubject: Minecraft Fusionfall! Another server   Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:41 am

Hey everyone, I'm sure almost everyone has heard of the amazing FMHQ minecraft server, a new one has just opened, the name: Fusionfall: Rewritten! This server includes IP: FusionfallRewritten.mcph.co 1.7.5!!! Areas with a "*" Mean some credits to Jake Durr
-Texture pack (Some texture credits to FMHQ)
-Sector V (*)
-Pokey Oaks South (*)
-Pokey Oaks North (*)
-Peach Creek Commons (*)
-Genius Grove (Incomplete)
-Tech Square- The Future
-A tutorial Zone
-Shop to spend taros
-Fusions that give items and taros when defeated
-Peach Creek Estates (Maitenance)
-Fosters Home (Maitenance)
-Null Void
-Providence HQ
-Mt. Neverest
-Many more cool things
-A great staff
-Planet Fuse, a area made to represent where fuse does all his work from, it was a base made by dexter to spy on fuse, but was destoryed and is now an infected zone!
Note: The website is currentley down
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FFRewrittenMC
Please come try and play today!
SERVER IP: FusionfallRewritten.mcph.co
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FusionFall Name : Josie Gloryangel
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PostSubject: Re: Minecraft Fusionfall! Another server   Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:22 am

Oh man... grumpy tried to get me to play minecraft...

To this day i don't know how to use the freakin' bucket xD hahaha

But that's pretty cool...  No Idea 

Minecraft is so confusing >.>
My friends actually put me in mazes, and see how long it takes for me to get out, for entertainment  Seriously 

Seems like combined it be super confusing...

But maybe that's just my laziness speaking xP


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Minecraft Fusionfall! Another server

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