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 Five nights at freddys

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Dot vancaster

FusionFall Name : Dot vancaster
Level : 36
Male Posts : 350
Join date : 2013-09-10
Age : 16
FF Location : treehouse (past)

PostSubject: Five nights at freddys   Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:06 am

Now for those of you that have steam and been all there a lot you have possible seen a game called five nights at freddys its a horror jumpscare type of game which i decide to play it and let say i'm never going to a chuck e cheese again on anything with animatronics ok time for the break down of it
Story:You Play as a security guard at freddys fazbear pizzaria were the animatronics become unsettling at night they turn into some free roaming mode and as the old security guard (phone guy) says that after hours they will most likely see you as a exoskeleton without his suit so if they catch you they will forcefully stuff into a freddys fazbear suit which wouldn't  be to bad unless the wires and beams and stuff so they will forcefully crush you in one 

Gameplay: the game play is kinda and odd one it were you stand in a office wil 2 doors that you close if the animatronics get to close and you watch them with cameras but there is a bad side to it there a animatronic named foxxy that if you look at it too little or to long it will sprint for you left door and power you only have limited power so  you have to be useful of it if you run out it game over 


My thoughs : oh god never have i imagined a game that will scare you even if you know it coming also it will ruin your childhood with chuck e cheese and it will make it so your scared of animatronics it been released for a month now and already there a community on there trying to beat the 6th night or over time it only for pc and it a good game i advise to check it out but be warned you will jump out of your seat from the scares

Side notes: while i did not notice it at first the game has lore in it like the bite of 87 and a bunch of other thing im not getting into becaus it involves child murder but if you want to check it out go find the wiki
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Dane Dweller

FusionFall Name : Dane Dweller
Level : 22
Male Posts : 1976
Join date : 2012-08-30
Age : 20
FF Location : Everywhere...

PostSubject: Re: Five nights at freddys   Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:08 am

I see someone based their thread of mine Sure Lol

lol, but yeah the gameplay is simple, looking around for rogue animatronic singing animals...but that's what makes it scary.

 horror games now a day make you wonder around to confront the monster....but this game makes you wait for them to come to you..it's a psychological fear that scares you even when nothings around, its that feeling of when is it coming, or where is it coming from? Ninja

it looks scary and critics seem to love it, but me, nope, I play for fun...not nightmarish horror. Shrug

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Five nights at freddys

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