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 Fusionfall: Worlds Collide, Chapter Three.

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PostSubject: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide, Chapter Three.   Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:29 am

[size=32]Fusionfall: Worlds Collide[/size]

Chapter Three: Containment Breach



Guilt is a powerful feeling. It can make you regret even the slightest things you may have done, regardless of how good or bad they may have been, up to the point to where you think that every error, accident or failure is caused by your mere presence. Some people overcome the strong feeling while others succumb into a state of depression. Special stress management techniques exist to counter this feeling. And luckily for Dexter, he had been taught one of the most effective skills: The "Mental Mastery", or at least that's how Samurai Jack, the creator of the technique, called it.

The technique is based on basic combat principles. Those are concentration, respiration, and meditation. Specifically centered on "ventilating" bad energy and thoughts from your mind and body and increasing your senses to superhuman levels. However, for a normal person it takes months, sometimes even years of training until this technique actually becomes effective. Jack had somehow measured down the training time to a range of three weeks. Of course, the short-term training only taught the basics and none of the special combat abilities it withheld. Not that Dexter thought he needed any that stuff, but still.

Despite his reluctant attitude, Dexter agreed to undergo Jacks teachings. His colleagues had gone through the same, in an effort to level the stress and difficulties that being a scientific genius could bring. However, as impressive as the technique may have been for others, Dexter wouldn't buy it. Besides, he was rather a man of science, not a man of action. But he made a small exception, and boy, was he glad he did. He had only agreed for one simple reason: He knew that a day would come that his brilliant plans and colossal-sized ideas would eventually fail him, and when that day came, he would need some kind of backup, an "emergency plan" so to speak.

And this was that plan.

 As Dexter felt the sensation of panic overcome his body, he slowly and steadily, rose from his hunched position and lifted both of his arms. He deeply inhaled and exhaled slowly, repeating the cycle over and over a few times, feeling as the pressure on his chest was slowly lifted.

If he wanted to get out of this alive he needed to concentrate, he wasn't willing to die here. Crushed by an elevator...What a pitiful way to go. Dexter thought. No. He refused. This wasn’t going to end like this. He wasn’t going to let some computer fabricated monster kill his friends and partners. Something had to be done.

Then he felt it, his hands twitched as he felt a strange power flow from the center of his body toward the tips of his fingers, Dexter's anxiety was quickly replaced by a new feeling. He felt powerful...No, it was more than that, he felt unstoppable! He quickly gained the need to let the energy go free, to blast that energy forward in one forceful blow. However, his own body shook with anticipation, and fought back the instinctual feeling. He resisted against his strange urge to violently punch a random object and instead, channeled his energy deep within his body, grinding his teeth as he struggled to maintain the energy under his control.  And then, it was gone. The instinctual feeling vanished as quickly as it had appeared, taking Dexter's sudden anxiety with it.

Relaxing his body, Dexter brought his arms close to his chest, fists balled, feeling as a drop of sweat slid off his forehead and hit the floor, breaking the dreadful silence around him. He prepared himself for the final stage of the skill, the most dangerous part.

In order to complete the process he had to combine all the three elemental parts of his own spirit into one force. Mind, body... And mana.


The next few moments were a blur. Dexter vaguely remembered lifting one arm above his head and the other arm positioned in front of his chest, poised forward like a spear. And then, there was a strange glow... Subtle, yet empowering. He knew he had done some other movements, but he had no clear memory of it.

The next thing he knew, He was sprinting across a long hallway, closing in on a large metallic door. He felt like he was flying, his mind was calm. In fact it felt...light. He almost felt as if he were running for no reason. Almost. A series of clanks jerked him back to reality; Dexter quickly recovered from his daze, and adjusted himself back into the situation. He was running. Running away from a... thing that had just broke out of one of his laboratories. Okay, that was obvious. But where was he?

Dexter glanced back and forth at his surroundings. Attempting to find out where the hell he was exactly. But his body had other things in mind. As soon as Dexter turned his head, he felt himself react to a strange, eerie feeling. A fear-like sensation invaded his mind and he quickly glanced back. In a split second, Dexter lifted his hand and pounced forward, grabbing hold of what seemed like a long metal handle, he could barely grasp hold of what was going on, but at this point he decided not to fight against it. He heard loud bangs, sounds that resembled gunshots. Dexter felt his body launch itself from the handle and toward what he thought was the ground. It wasn't. He jumped again, this time sideways, hitting his foot against a hard surface. Did he just do a wall jump? He didn't have much time to dawdle on it. Dexter felt his hand quickly rise at lightning speed, followed by a crunching noise. He quickly jerked his head away from the noise, afraid that whatever he hit might come raining down on him. A loud bang enacted from behind his body. Echoing through the hall... In fact it echoed everywhere. Dexter could literally feel the echoes vibrate around him, feeling as the subtle vibrations traveled along the cold metal floors, vanishing as they ventured deeper into the massive building. Then, he heard something else. It was vague and distant, hardly anything at all, but it was enough. A series of beeps and screeches swayed from left to right from across the hall. He heard long cables being roughly dragged across the floor, sweeping closer and closer. The monster had managed its way down. Blasting its way through who knows how many innocent people.

Dexter froze. He listened closer and forced himself not to move a muscle. Within seconds he managed to track down exactly where it was located, or at least an estimated guess. One floor above him, three hallways to the right, and it was gaining.

Dexter shivered. He felt the numbness in his hands slowly subside. Slowly, the sensation got weaker and weaker until he finally moved his hand slightly to the right. No pain, no numbness, he was himself again. As the cold feeling vanished from the rest of his being, he noticed a small hole in the corner of the room. Then, a few inches next to it another one, about the same size and width. He kept looking and eventually found another and another and about three dozen more scattered endlessly through the walls, some of them clawing their way into the ground.  Dexter made a face.

“What the… where did this…What?!

As he scavenged the narrow hallway, he easily found the perpetrator: Dozens of bullet rounds laying all over the hall, the mouth pieces still steaming from the intense friction. Stricken with awe, Dexter quickly raised his head and saw a six foot long gun turret that was built into the ceiling, on its side was a hole the size of a basketball. It was as if someone had shot a cannonball into it.

Dexter looked at his hands, then back at the turret, then back at his hands again.

Heh, so this is the power of mana... A frightening force I must say.  Dexter thought. He gazed at the now silent hallway, watching as one the ceiling lights flickered on and off eerily. His expression darkened.

There was no way in hell that turret activated by itself. Someone must’ve activated Dexlab’s defense protocol. Dexter glanced up at the busted up, mammoth sized gun. It’s wires danced about wildly as they flung sparks all over the place, the bright specs bounced off the walls and vanished as quickly as they appeared.

The guns body was slumped over, vaguely resembling a corpse. It was mind-blowing, a burly and monster sized gun now hung lifelessly overhead. All because some five foot teenager had slapped it out of panic. That wasn’t going to look good on the security résumé.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. The worst of it all was that the same teenager had allowed a who-knows-what roam aimlessly in the halls, not contact anyone of the personnel, and let it loaf around until the thing finally shot someone in the face.

Hoo boy, that résumé was going to be hella fun.

Dexter shook his head. Why was he even worrying about that now? People just got injured and possibly killed, this was no time to think on paperwork.

Dexter headed toward the door and pressed his ungloved hand against the cold security panel. As if by cue, a horizontal red neon light flashed under Dexter’s fingers and palm, scanning his prints carefully as the light slowly enveloped his entire hand. Then, without any warning, it vanished. A few moments of silence passed and the door finally reacted. He heard the rough edges detach from their place and slowly retract into their sockets. The entry moaned and churned as the giant metal pieces slowly widened, revealing the entrance. Then, he heard them. The voices of multiple people yelling frantically.

Dexter frowned and tapped his foot, quickly losing his patience with the amazingly slow hatchway. The voices got louder and louder, until he could finally hear them perfectly. Well, almost. The amount of yelling was unbearable, it was as if someone had started up a bundle of chainsaws in the same room. He heard all kinds of different tones, the angry, the impatient, even a couple of cries in dismay. What was going on in there?

Suddenly a loud voice broke the barrier of the uproar, silencing everyone into a dreadful silence. Dexter felt his stomach drop as the raspy voice uttered the two words he had been mourning for over two weeks, crushing any hope that any of this would be easily brushed off as another everyday accident at Dexlabs: “Containment Breach

You can listen to either of these two while you're reading.

Note: Okay, so I really have no idea why it took me this long to upload another chapter. I guess I've been busy with other things, I don't know. Shrug

 But I just wanted to point out that censoring will definitely be a thing. it won't be a big thing don't worry, but I feel that when it comes to stories that involve war and battles, not to mention inevitable losses of loved ones and friends, bad words would seem like the most common thing people would use to vent their anger or sadness. But that's just me.
And also, I will be editing chapter one sometime soon, the repairs are already in progress. I didn't change too much, just added more dialogue, better interactions, fixed those annoying typos, and added a lot more backstory, mainly just for Skyler, but I also added some info on characters that will appear in later chapters. So yeah, expect that soon.  Cool
Anyway, that's pretty much it, hope you enjoyed chapter three.
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Fusionfall: Worlds Collide, Chapter Three.

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