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 Fanfic - CNU - Before The War. Chapter 01.

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PostSubject: Fanfic - CNU - Before The War. Chapter 01.   Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:16 am

This Fic will account events of the CN Characters before the war starts, the Fic also part of the Same Universe Manga FF Warriors.

I must warn that the fiction has been translated by Google do not know if it's all right.

A Normal Day was happening in the Land of Ooo, where the Ice King abducted the Princess Bubblegum as Finn and Jake went after him, it is a simple normal day.

Come on, why do not we leave you alone once in a lifetime, its boring. - Ice King said sending her ice attacks towards the Double, which could divert.

We ask, why an old man of your age must always kidnaps young maidens, it is double crime, triple because you are ugly. - Said Jake kidding.

Do you want to end with this today, I was busy in a very important research. - I spoke Bubblegum that not was no reaction by the abduction usual.

Just stay quiet, future wife. - Ice King said Bubblegum leaving the ground and froze her legs and soon he will towards Finn and Jake to confront them.

Wow, what suppressed, froze me, what do I do now? - Said Bubblegum being sarcastic and took a portable flamethrower to melt the ice.

But today I'm going to end up with you at once. - Ice King said to be preparing for the next blow.

Dry Ice, are you daydreaming? - Finn said that deviated from the Ice King attacks.

Jake, tell Finn to meet me at the Palace after the routine you with the Ice King? - Bubblegum said.

You can leave, what is the invention of time? - Jake wondered.

If you think this will spoil suppressed? I hope you there. - Said Bubblegum going to the kingdom.

During the confrontation, Finn kicked the Ice King and He would take on the chin.

Jake, let's send the old man back to his tomb. - She said Finn playing Ice King toward Jake.

Oops, it's for ever. - Said Jake curling into two trees and when the Ice King is fighting to Jake's body trunk, the old man is hurled toward his kingdom.

You go to so and tell Bubblegum I gave a kiss. - Ice King said.

Soon, Ice King passes breaking the wall of his house and falls on the living room floor.

Man, this time they went too crazy for it. - Ice King said rising. - And look at this hole in the wall is a boredom to fix it. - He said while freezing the hole.

Let me guess, routine kidnaps princesses went wrong again? - Said Marceline found in the armchair of the Ice King.

Marceline? When did I ... - said Ice King, which is interrupted.

I just came here to handle something I left here on the last visit. - Marceline said rising from his chair.

Well, how about advantage and spent time together since you are here? - Said Ice King.

Sorry old man, I have some appointments with my band, so I have to go. - Marceline said greeting the Ice King with a beat Coastal and Go away.

Oh, That was too strong, is it just me or feel something sticking me? - If you wondered Ice King.

When Marceline holding an umbrella exit the Ice King's Den, and hand holding a syringe with blood of old ice user and picked up his cell and care for someone.

Hello is the Marci, I got what you asked for ... Okay wait for me at my house I'm already getting there. - Said Marceline leaving.
In the meeting room in the castle of the Kingdom Sweet Bubblegum is next to something covered with a cloth, it was also reunited with Finn, Jake and some guards kingdom.

Ladies and gentlemen of science, recently I was creating a device to developments in science, but accidentally created something unexpected. - Bubblegum said.

In an instant I thought she had poured the element X again. - Said one of the soldiers.

Dude, where you got that? - He asked the other soldier.

Soon, Bubblegum pulled the cloth revealing a kind of portal that was disabled.

In Ages, where there was a theory that revealed that there is not one universe but a variety of them, of course few of you have had experience of having visited other worlds. - I commented Bubblegum.

So let guess, then you accidentally created a portal that would lead to another dimension as Noitosfera. - Bet Jake.

In truth almost, Noitosfera can be a different dimension of our yes, but there is another kind of dimension. - Bubblegum connecting the portal and hence all saw a vision of an advanced city. - With you present the discovery of a parallel universe.

I'm still in doubt, what is the difference? - Jake asked.

Unlike Noitosfera, a parallel universe would be identical to ours, but with a change at some point in the timeline, for example, that the world would be where a thousand years ago never bomb had exploded and making human extinction. - Discussed Bubblegum.

Wow, we heard that Jake, with this portal, we can go places than ever we ventured before. - Finn said excitedly.

Knew it would be interested Finn, why allow the existence of this portal would be to explore these worlds to share their knowledge, in case of threats found, you will be in charge to go to the Journey as protectors - answered Bubblegum.

Do not Worry Princess, I will defend you from the threats that are behind these universes and also find great new places for me adventure. - Discussed Finn.

Great, the portal has to be reloaded before departure, tomorrow we begin the research, better prepare. - Bubblegum said closing the meeting when everyone will emborra, had a shadow of someone in the corner of a window covered by a curtain, Jake looked back and immediately the shadow had disappeared.

After that, In the House of Marceline, where the owner came to enter the house, she saw her full of books room.

Look, I know you're researching a strip solution Simon's Curse, but did not mess my house. - Commented Marceline with someone out of the kitchen.

Sorry for the mess, but happen much in 1000 years - Said Someone holding a potion books.

You better lives in a library later. - I commented Marceline.

it seems that the jokes still exist. - Said the person talking Marceline, Betty. - Brought the blood Simon? I want to examine it to see if I can find an anomaly.

You know, I tried to ask a certain person that, but she preferred the old dead, but you know verify that? - I wondered Marceline delivering the syringe with the blood of Simon.

A friend of mine was studying biology and showed me how examining the blood, and finding that he had wasted time. - I commented Betty taking the syringe and placing the blood in a bottle. - You know, I thank you for helping me.

You know, Simon was like a father to me when the world "over", rather than biological. - Said Marceline.

Well I have places that I decided to crawl in search of clues to Simon recovers his being. - Betty said picking up his mat and was flown emborra.
HEY, WAIT, YOU THINK WILL PUTTING THESE BOOKS? - Complained Marceline, but Betty was already Distant. - ##, I should Ithaca fire these books at a time, so that today would be a movie night with the staff here at home.

But late in the castle of Princess Bubblegum, itself was reviewing the analysis of the Multiverse Portal.

According to my calculations, it appears that this portal can also be a time portal, it is better to leave it a secret because if someone lay hands on it ... - said Bubblegum analyzing where not realize that the door was slightly ajar.

While Bubblegum analyzed, it felt like someone was watching her through the door, safe, figure unidentified signaled to someone in the hallway, that moment another mysterious character took one Mascara and put on the face and at a glance, their appearance changed and looked like the Bubblegum, approaching his helper for the warning.

When it is out of this room is best alerts as quickly as possible. - Said the Fake Bubblegum.

Outside on the side of the Castle, Finn and Jake entered the castle.

Oh Finn, the Bubblegum did not say that agent was only come here only tomorrow? - I commented Jake.

Relaxing face, moreover, it has passed the half Night, ie Today is tomorrow's yesterday. - Commented Finn.

Let me guess, you only ventures into other universes. - Said Jake.

Nothing that my brother Fang. - She said Finn lying with her eyes with stars in her eyes.

I know, but it's better agent have come even sooner, feeling that he had someone who was not called to the meeting. - I commented Jake.
A possible intruder? Even better, a little warm me before the epic adventure that awaits us. - Finn said excitedly.

Yeah, but you will soon, after a long night at the home of Marceline in movie night wear me out. - I commented Jake.

Coming Home from Marceline, where she was preparing to leave.

Dude, why not hire a better manager? Last minute warning me that we have a show in the kingdom lump last minute, but now, where will I left my guitar? - Said Marceline middle seized.

When searching for guitar, then she see behind the sofa, so when she took without want? It ran a picture that hung on the wall, Marceline turned his vision into the picture, where Marceline saw the photo of your family, and she saw image of her mother in the picture and begins to remember the words of Betty earlier about the changes in 1000 years.

Changes I wonder if that bomb had not exploded, a world where I was not immortal, and a world where you could have grown up with Mom. - Reflected Marceline, who soon realized that the clock does not stop. - ## the Show.

Meanwhile in the Castle, where the guards Bananas took care of the room where he was the Dimensional Portal, Bubblegum If False approached.

Oops, Princess, what is agreed in this moment? - Said one of the soldiers.

I just came from some adjustments in the invention, it seems to have found a mistake on Calculation. - Said the Mock Bubblegum, where the guards release the passage and closed to enter.

Near there, Finn and Jake approach the door.

Hey personnel, Princess Bubblegum we asked to come today, would you leave agent enters? - Said Finn commenting.
Well, truth is, it's in there moving on ... I do not know, I do not understand the charts that the Princess creates. - Said one of the guards.

Meanwhile in the room where Bubblegum was in reviewing the analysis, she yawned sleep and get up.

It is better to revise later, but slept, I see this as the security cameras.

Soon the guy who watched gave a slight bruised and appeared a hole in the ground and then he jumped in the hole that disappeared then.

In the Portal room, Fake Bubblegum fit certain coordinates and right now, Finn and Jake come.

Beauty Bubblegum, apparently seems we arrived just in time. - Finn said. - So where we first have a reality that there are several villains where we can break their faces?

Even asking the Mock Bubblegum remained silent.

Got it should be suppressed. - Said Finn moved.

At the same time, Bubblegum holding a cappuccino entered the room of surveillance cameras where the guards were present.

Then something unusual that night? - Asked Bubblegum.

No, the same old things, most citizens have been sleeping, the Lumpy Space Princess taking a boy to force the alley, the Ice King entered a castle window to try it kidnaps, and you with Finn and Jake stirring in his invention. - Described the Guard.

Then just ... Said Bubblegum until it touches the last description pouring cappuccino. - HEY, COME BACK AT LAST.
The Portal's office.

Jake, do not you think that the Bubblegum is quieter than usual? - Finn wondered.

No, to me it seems to ... - before concluding Jake finished, an alarm and activated throughout the castle.

Attention all available guards detected an intruder in the kingdom, and is located in room 16 of the castle. - Bubblegum said the statement.
Never mind. - Jake said.

Soon the Bananas guards enter the room, but without thinking starling Finn and Jake thinking they were intruders.

You idiots, I intruder said in the singular, I'm talking to the handle looks like a princess. - Said Bubblegum in the room of the cameras and at the same time the guards who were there pointing their spears for Bubblegum thinking she was the intruder. - Why not put these idiots Brain?

Returning Storage, Finn and Jake getting his sword at his side prepared what was waiting for them.

Proves, who you are and what you want from the website of the Princess? - He asked Finn pointing the sword to the attacker.
In that instant, one hole appeared in the room with the other intruder.

Only now you show up, but ... - said the False Bubblegum that removed the mask and when pulled, returned to his true form, where his eyes were shining a purple color together with sparks of the same color. - We have decided what we wanted.
Soon the Black eyes Invader activated the Portal.

Hey, where do you think you're going? - Finn said heading toward the intruders, but the Purple Eyes threw a distance of one of his fingers in the same instant, Finn turned, but lightning struck one of the guards which turned into stone then turned dust.
Jeez, Finn did you see that? - Jake discussed.

Relax, it's just avoid the rays of it, I see it escapes this. - Jumping Finn said toward the Purple Eyes to attack with the sword, even at the same moment, the safe accomplice to Finn sword with two fingers and safely fight the adventurous against the wall with force.

Finn !!! Are you alright? - Jake said he was going to the Finn.

We can not waste time with them, go to the website right now. - Said the Subject of Black Eyes, but by the time they approached the Portal, a fist destroys the living room wall and then, one of the faces of the Guardians Gum appeared in the hole.
Detected intruders, eliminate intruders. - Said the Guardian Gum.

Forget it, let's go for portal. - Said the Eye Mysterious Purple.

I will not let escape. - Said the Guardian that destroyed the Portal activity.

IDIOT, DO NOT DO IT. - Said Bubblegum in the camera room.

Now it ends ... - said the Guardian Gum which is reached by Mysterious radius of black eyes and evaporated.
It was for this happens. - Said the mysterious Purple Eyes.

Finn, are you okay? - He asked Jake to Finn at the time helped him up.

## to me by ... - Before you finish the sentence, a blue glow appears in the sky.
In Room where Ber was.
Now it was, as that portal was destroyed during activation creates a consequence. - Bubblegum said.

Meanwhile, while walking to go to the stone kingdom, Marceline saw the blue flash.

Huh, I wonder what's going on this ... - said Marceline where via a crack in the sky, this time, Marceline is overthrown by an earthquake, she did not realize was that the earthquake was happening throughout Ooo after stop but it seemed that much of Ooo was torn from the earth being sucked through the slot, and when Ooo approached, a Flash appeared leaving all white in a few seconds after that, the flash and the gap had disappeared.

Man, I could not have happened at another time? Never mind, I have to go soon to the Show Band. - Said Marceline with prey.
Back in the United Doce, where Bubblegum came in the room 16.

So where are the intruders? - Complained Bubblegum.

The ## took the glare and arregaram. - Answered Jake.

You were able to identify as they were? - Asked Bubblegum.

Unfortunately did not see much in the dark, but just know that as I find them, I'll kick your butt them. - Complained Finn.

Ok, unfortunately with the destroyed portal, searches for the other universes are postponed until further notice, it shall only checks certain things. - Bubblegum said.

Only that explains, has something to do with that glare? - Jake asked.

It's best not to worry about it, go home, and Ask Me ... - said Bubblegum until interrupted by Jake.

The Finn literally thought "tomorrow" would be left midnight. - Jake said.

Never mind. - Spoke Bubblegum.

Once out of the Kingdom, the Invaders were hiding among the trees.

These useless blew it, as a consequence, we are at any point of time and in any reality.

Soon, the accomplice of the Purple Eye Mysterious took a tablet analyzing which universe and the time they were delivered and the ally.

Now Best forget what I said, we were lucky, but too early for our goal. - Said the Purple Eyes be coming out of the trees and soon was revealed that Eon. - It can be a nuisance in waiting for the things to come, but time is always on my side.

Earth - Year 2011.

And before you ask, the event takes place before the last adventure of the sixth season of Adventure Time, why Betty is still normal.

Some Ben 10 fans should're wondering why the Eon needed a Dimensional Portal if it can be teleports alone?
This will be explained later why.
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Fanfic - CNU - Before The War. Chapter 01.

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