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 The fire titan

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Fire Fist Nova

Fire Fist Nova

FusionFall Name : Nova galacticboomer
Level : 36
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Age : 18
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PostSubject: The fire titan   Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:09 am

Chapter 1: The beginning of the nanite event

In July 27 2040 the nanite event occurred affecting everybody on the planet with nanites. Nanites created things called E.V.O.S. Creatures that have nannies in ther body. Some E.V.O.S have humans forms that have amazing powers. One of these people were called Nova dragonborn.

"Is he going to be okay doctor the worried mother of nova said as they were walking to the off world plaza hospital room. "I think so he's just like some other patients  we have, no injuries or anything.". " so did he faint or something.""No he's breathing, scientists are trying to find out what is this cause. 

The door opens and  the doctor set nova up and starts healing him. " When will he wake up doctor."Well the other patients like him woke up between 8-9 hours." Jaimie let out a sigh of relief after hearing those words.

Eight hours later nova woke up. "Huh? "Where am I.  "Huh mom?"Am I at the 

"Yes dear,you went unconscious suddenly." Wow really what happened? "Nobody knows yet." "Mom can we go to the dojo." Oh no dear I would suggest for you to stay in bed for a while." But mom I live to fight." you are not getting out of this hospital until I know everything is fine with you." 
*Nova sighs* Fine.

There was an announcement days later. "Hello everybody, you might be wondering how some people went unconscious lately."  "Well the answer is that there was a  explosion that dealt with nanites in abysus affecting a lot of people with things called nanites in your body, some people have turned into creatures and some have kept there human form but still have these powers, these things are called E.V.O.S, Creatures might be hostile or friendly, but the human E.V.O.S will make there own choice.

Everybody was in shock and just didn't believe it.

" So I'm an E.V.O." Im afraid so dear." Nova was speechless and coudnt believe this was happenning. " Well now that we know what's wrong we can go back home." Okay mom."

"Finally back home dear." * Nova stays silent not believing what has happened to him.*  "Welcome home guys" Novas little sister kitgreeted.

* Novas big brother keith, big sister anne, and little brother lightningcame down stairs and greeted there mom and brother back* 

"We heard about the explosion with the nanites said novas older brother said."
"Your so lucky brother you got powers said nova's little brother."
" What are your powers nova said nova's little sister."
" I hope you can have girly powers and can play with me everyday! Novas little sister said." 

*Nova sighs." It's not cool im a freak....I'm not normal.
" DONT SAY THAT! Novas family said.

*Nova looks up to his family and cries.* " I'm so lucky I have you guys for a family.

A few hours later, nova's closes friend, Rex Magmastarch, asked nova play in the docks with him.

" So nova you hear about the nanite event? " Yeah, not only do I know about it I've been affected as well.  " Wow really? Thats so awesome! " No it's not. I'm a living freak of nature." Hey don't say that." Your amazing, I'd wish I was the one affected, Rex replied with a chcukle.

" I don't even know what my powers are. Nova sighs."  Maybe I should just live with my powers and get good with it."  All of a sudden nova started glowing in a burning aura."huh? What is this? " Whoah now this is cool Rex said as he gazed at his friend." 

Then all of a sudden a beam of fire went to the sky. Nova pants huff huff. " What was that?" I have no ideas but that was so awesome!" I guess you have firepowers." F fire powers...  " Yeah so epic, do it again bro. " I don't know how to.

A crowd of people start Making a circle around the two boys." Whoah what is this all about." The news reporter came and asked the two boys questions. " What was that fire that was in the sky about." Well you see my friend here...*nova covers rex's mouth and whispers to him*" Don't tell em about this I'll have news reporters at my house." Oh right, nothing to see hear guys were just two ordinary kids." The news reporters then leave.

" Hey nova I have to go so cya." see ya later." When Rex left a teenager with a green jacket came to talk with nova." 

" Hi there what's your name the mysterious person said." Nova was speechless because of the person he is talking too. Y.. Your the most famous Ben tenyson.

" Well yes I am are you a fan of me?"Yes of course, your my hero, and your so awesome. " I get those compliments a lot of times Ben replied with a smirk." Any who I just came here to find out what that beam was." Oh that was me Ben." Oh what happened to you? " Well I'm an E.V.O nov replied with a nerveously tone." 

"Wow an E.V.O. " Yeah I guess I can't be cured from this." So I take it you have firepowers? " Um I guess so." " Well show me some moves Ben said excitedly! " Well the thing is that I don't know how to use my powers. " Oh well i know who can train you." Who? " Me, then Ben taps his watch and turns into Heatblast. 

Not finished working on rest of story.

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The fire titan

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