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    Humor : Fusionfall's Greatest Villian!
    Usergroups: CRITx
    Rank: Hunter
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    Humor : Paper covers rock, but paper can't stop rocks, IT MAKES NO SENSE!
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential
    Rank: Dragoon
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    Humor : im funny period? lmao
    Usergroups: CRITx
    Rank: Hokage and Grinder
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    Humor : What Haven't you seen an angeletic Demon before?
    Usergroups: Invasion Begins Film Crew
    Rank: Angelic Demon
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    Humor : i see what you did there !_!
    Usergroups: CRITx
    Rank: Death
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    Humor : Random guy: Hey why did the chickin cross the road? Downer: To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him
    Usergroups: CRITx, Invasion Begins Film Crew
    Rank: Officer
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