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 Forum Rules and Guidelines

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RETIRED Administrator
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XLR8 147

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Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guidelines   Forum Rules and Guidelines EmptyMon Jun 25, 2012 8:28 pm

We aren't extremely strict but you must try your best to follow these rules/guidelines.
We won't tolerate the breaking of certain important rules but we do give fair, non-intimidating warnings and advice to ensure everyone has a good time here! Wink2

1) Do NOT use bad language on the forum, do not describe disturbing violence, upsetting language or
offensive language. Keep it clean. There are younger viewers on the forum and we generally want
a fair and child friendly environment.
Also, do NOT start 'flame wars' or over-criticise people unfairly; be polite to one another and treat each other with respect.
Only write in English please, international viewers may translate the forum but the default language here is English. Thank you.

Words such as 'heck' are ok but do not use it if you do not need to, obviously.
This forum is available to be viewed by 12 year olds and under while members must be 13+, so consider not using
any language that may upset 12 year olds and under. Be sensible and if you're not sure what is acceptable,
send me a PM.

2) Do NOT reveal (or even ask) for personal information such as your real name/surname, location/address, photographs of yourself or anything else that can identify you or your friends/family, etc. This is the internet after all. Plus it's awkward.

3) No spam, no useless/unnecessary posts/replies. (Unless intended for occasional humour) Do NOT overuse the smileys unless
appropriate. (E.g. wishing someone a happy birthday and with a selection of smileys is considered ok. Just do not go absolutely crazy. For Birthday wishes, a couple of small lines of smileys are ok
but generally do not use too many smileys. It's generally just annoying, unnecessary and some people have slow internet connections.)

Do not write absolutely random posts in response to someone's post. (E.g. Not saying random words unless it's in the Off Topic section but even then, it may be removed if it has absolutely no purpose.)
Advertising is allowed but not to commercial businesses. Only for personal use but please no spam, a simple link or banner as your signature should be enough.

4) Try not to double post, edit your previous message instead. If necessary you may double post if it's entirely appropriate.
(Ensuring members receive an important update post for example.)

5) Do NOT link to any inappropriate websites, images or videos or other content.
Please consider the '12 and under' age rating for this forum.

6) Try not to post images that are huge and if possible, optimise them to prevent slow loading times for others. You can resize images easily. Recommended resize resolution: 320x240 pixels.

7) Try to keep on topic as much as possible.
Unless you're talking about an important and specific thread, (E.g. The Official 7 Legends thread)
do NOT hijack the thread by being random or posting something completely irrelevant.
The Off Topic section allows you to be random.
And if you do go off topic, at least try to bring it back on topic in a new paragraph/line or whatever.

8 ) Do NOT quote large posts or images. If the post you are quoting is large, simply shorten the quote to the bit you want. You can also type @ and then the screen name of the person whose reply you're replying to. If it has a huge image, remove/delete/backspace the image URL from the quote.

9) Try not to necropost: meaning to bump a thread for no good reason.
At least have some kind of purpose in doing so, especially if the thread is very old and sort of abandoned.

10) Do NOT post links to malicious, illegal, virus infected content.
If you're not sure a file/website is safe, please research into the site
or scan the file with antivirus/antimalware software and VirusTotal.

Just enjoy your time here.
Forum Rules and Guidelines 3606388844Have fun. :pirat:
CoolTo be continued....perhaps. Smile

Any questions are welcome, just send me a PM and I'll gladly help you out.Big Grin
(Can't guarantee a fast response though, sometimes I'm just too busy. In that case,
you can just ask an active moderator or you can make a thread asking the community a question.
We're all generally friendly here so don't hesitate to ask anything.Yep)

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." - Tony Stark, Iron Man.
Forum Rules and Guidelines I2fzRjz
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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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