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 Happy Christmas 2015

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RETIRED Administrator

RETIRED Administrator
XLR8 147
XLR8 147

FusionFall Name : XLR8 147 + IRON 147
Level : 36
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Happy Christmas 2015 Empty
PostSubject: Happy Christmas 2015   Happy Christmas 2015 EmptyFri Dec 25, 2015 12:34 am

Since Oliver didn't make it....
I thought I might as well make the Christmas thread this year.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Even if you're not enjoying the holidays, just thought the message
would cheer you up anyway. Razz 

X: Everyone, treat yourself to the free food in the
Xtreme FusionFall / Xtremists forum cafeteria!

Sorry Hom, no alcohol free-beer. We ran out....
Apparently some lunatic raided the supplies at the last minute. scratch 

Hom: Whistling
"Well....order more!"

X: "Too late, mate."

Happy Christmas 2015 200_s10

X: "Uh....Hom, I'm pretty sure the suppliers are closed now..."

Hom: "Well then.....it's gonna open early this year..."

Happy Christmas 2015 200_s11

*At the alcohol-free beer factory*
Hom: *Kicks the door open, breaking it into pieces*
Happy Christmas 2015 Z6FI0hv

*Alarm rings*
Happy Christmas 2015 Wx1diKu

*Hom's friends start to raid the building*

Random friend: "HEY.....free alcohol-free beer!"
Happy Christmas 2015 Qkbpqn10

Hom: "HEY. Stealing is wrong, you guys!"
Happy Christmas 2015 PUeOEcS

Friend: "Then why did you break in?"

Hom: "Well um...you see....it's a funny story actually...um..."
Happy Christmas 2015 Q5PoasD

Ah yes, I remember.
Happy Christmas 2015 HFfAqlQ

I don't care.
Happy Christmas 2015 Nuhqgk10

"It's not stealing because It's MINE."
Happy Christmas 2015 OxaPHE7

"I thought you guys were my friends."
Happy Christmas 2015 UmUBMsr

Friend: "Sharing is caring, doooood"
Happy Christmas 2015 Otto_f10
Happy Christmas 2015 9kMTXZQ

Hom: *May the force be with you*
Happy Christmas 2015 VzoN57f

Hom: "Hey bruvs.....drink this."
Happy Christmas 2015 UcW8Q0P

X: "Where's Hom? He'll miss the Christmas entertainment." Seriously

Oliver: "Sometimes Hom IS the entertainment."  lol!

*Factory guard dogs released*
Hom: "You're not having any....it's a Christmas present FOR MEEEEEEEEE....."
Happy Christmas 2015 VyCK3IW

Hom's friend: "Now to take all these bottles home"
Happy Christmas 2015 720x4010

Hom: "Take me with you."
Happy Christmas 2015 8LPg5ue

Hom: "Dogs, drink this."
Happy Christmas 2015 KyqwHTn

Glory: "I sense a disturbance in the force....

Dragoon: "Hom wouldn't be cruel to animals....
He's only cruel to humans that don't listen to him." Troll Face

Hom: *Telepathic link to Glory*
"I only gave them a drink."

"Deal with it."
Happy Christmas 2015 QefrbrH

Glory: "Dragoon you were wrong." Seriously
Dragoon: Really. Troll Face

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." - Tony Stark, Iron Man.
Happy Christmas 2015 I2fzRjz

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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oli Zombieweasel
Oli Zombieweasel

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FF Location : Elysium

Happy Christmas 2015 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Happy Christmas 2015   Happy Christmas 2015 EmptyFri Dec 25, 2015 12:39 am

XLR8 147 wrote:
Since Oliver didn't make it....

Give me time, Angel Boy. I was looking for good gifs. Glare

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

Happy Christmas 2015 Ffht_211
FusionFall Hints n Tips

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3DS Friend Code: 1177 - 8243 - 0291
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Happy Christmas 2015

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