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Well, FusionFall is currently gone....
Its been almost 2 years since the game we all came to love was shut down. Once an online community is created and is allowed to grow a life of its own, many become pulled in and engaged to the vast virtual world that they love.

However, when an MMO dies....it really feels as though a piece of you dies with it.

I know alot of us are trying to pick up the pieces that our lost community has left us with. A few of us have been trying to find solutions to help us all stay together. Some of us made petitions, others tried to remake the game, a few even made Minecraft servers dedicated to the original game.

Here at Xtreme, we have attempted to to try to stay together using just the simplest of methods, finding each other in new games we play.


Here's what YOU can do:

The following 3 games are what some of us have gravitated to the most. If you used to play FusionFall, It would mean alot to us and the community as a whole if you could post your username and info of any new MMO you play.

We no longer have FusionFall, but at least we can remain a FusionFall community that plays other games. Find others in game by posting your username in the appropriate category.


We may not have the game that you play but that's okay!
You may have a thread about the one you play in "Other Games". If your game receives enough members saying that they play, it will be added as it's own category.

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Most users ever online was 116 on Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:54 pm
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FusionFall: Legacy Demo Trailer
Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:08 am by Oliver Zombieweasel
We've all been waiting... for the chance to play, not really a trailer. BUT they brought out a trailer anyway AND said that a demo will be out sometime this month.

Comments: 21
April Fool's!
Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:51 pm by Oliver Zombieweasel
Yep! It is April Fool's Day over here! This year, I decided to go with something similar to what happened on Toonbook last year; by taking over Xtreme! FearMe Don't worry! This is only for today. Razz Or until Undelos changes it back and ruins my fun... Glare

I didn't have much time to plan, so I just made a cheap logo and I couldn't find that glob-awful background I made all those years ago, …

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 11
Xtreme's new Groups Section!
Sat May 02, 2015 9:19 am by Oliver Zombieweasel
In preparation for FusionFall: Legacy, I have created a new section, "Groups". Want to advertise your new group or feel like joining one? Then check there! Doesn't matter whether it's something as big as the 7 Legends or something small like up to 4 people tackling Fusion Buttercup. Although 'General Discussions' is probably more likely to house the latter still. So wouldn't hurt to check there …

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 5
FusionFall Legacy Now Playable! (April Fools)
Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:39 am by Oliver Zombieweasel
Yep! Very Happy You can play the demo here!

April Fools!

Comments: 9
It's CHRISTMAS! (2014)
Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:30 pm by Oliver Zombieweasel
Well. Here, anyway. For X, Hom and I. But merry Christmas everyone! Very Happy

Comments: 9
Happy New Year!
Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:41 am by Oliver Zombieweasel
2015 is here! Very Happy Party Excited Awesome Ed Run Edd Run Eddy Run

And yes, I uploaded that background. Razz

Comments: 14
(Teen) Titans
Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:06 pm by Undead Brad
So after just hearing the amazing news, I have now learned that the channel TNT will be developing a (Teen) Titans show with Nightwing in the lead 

Akiva Goldsman is executive producing the show while Marc Haimes will serve as co-executive producer.

Warner Bros, under their Warner Horizon Television branch, will of COURSEproduce …[/img(10px,10px):09d5]

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 4
Happy Late Birthday, X!
Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:53 pm by Oliver Zombieweasel
Why is this in the Announcement section?


Bloo Dance Awesome YouRock

P.S. Sorry I'm late. It's so quiet …

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 2
Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:25 am by Ace Cometshark

Comments: 6
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