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 SUDK's F-Files: Slenderman

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FusionFall Name : Grim Luciusrockets, Zak Leeaura, Spike Amberblade
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Age : 20

PostSubject: SUDK's F-Files: Slenderman   Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:07 am

So, you want to hear a story, huh? Well, have I got a story for you.
As some of you may know, Slenderman didn't originate in the game 'Slender'. Slenderman isn't based on any movie villain, or video game villain, but is based on real life accounts.

There are photos circluating the internet containing a tall, slender man with four tentacles coming out of his back. He is dressed in all black, and has no facial features.

The first picture shows a crowd of people, running terrified with what appears to be Slenderman in the back, watching still. It is unknown what context the picture was taken in, or if it was forged or not. I, for one, believe it is not forged, and that he is out there.

The second picture shows a normal day on a children's playground. Amongst some trees in the back of the picture, a figure matching Slenderman's description is seen. Again, standing still.
Notice I said 'day'. Yes, Slenderman is not nocturnal. He is just like us: awake during the day (whatever the word for that is).

It is unknown if Slenderman kills, or why he appears.
No one knows who, or what he is.

The game Slender, in my opinion, ruined the man.
He was introduced as 'Slenderman' on the image board 4Chan.

For a more detailed video (not as scary as it looks, actually has a funny ending), view this video:

Grim Luciusrockets (LVL 21)
Stormy Steelyblade (LVL 7)
Spike Amberblade (LVL 9)

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FusionFall Name : hom choi
Level : 36
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PostSubject: Re: SUDK's F-Files: Slenderman   Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:12 am


Pfft its all most likely lies. Even if it was real? So what.

Back in Year 7 (11-12 I dunno how it works for non-english bros) ANYWAYS! We went to some weird farm now there was this part we wasn't aloud on and well we kinda done a ton of bad junk which got our school banned from going there ever again. But we went to that part and far away we just saw some woman staring at us and we scream of course but she just walked off...

Know that I tihnk about it she was probably lost and didn't know her way now after all of that I still don't bleieve n freaky guys following you in forests.

Former FF Player
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SUDK's F-Files: Slenderman

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