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 Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos

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RETIRED Administrator

RETIRED Administrator
XLR8 147
XLR8 147

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PostSubject: Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos   Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:19 am

Whatever you wanna call it....
If you watched Cartoon Network as a kid, some adverts might be
nostalgic to you.

Can't believe in 5 years, no one has made a topic like this (that I can recall).

I think I watched somewhere between 1998 to 2004, something like that
+ a little later on and off.
I can't find all the stuff I found nostalgic but I can keep digging.
YouTube and this website:
(which has further links to more websites)

that might be of some help for those of you who want
to see some of that nostalgic stuff again. Nostalgia 

Anyone remember these?

Skip to 0:15 seconds:

My childhood. Nostalgia
I remember there were also those Scooby Doo and Dexter promos.
(One had Dexter watching Velma looking through a microscope.)

But unfortunately there's been about 4-ish or more Cartoon Network shorts that I
can't really find:

-One where a judge wrote something in court,
including the words "and/or" (can't really remember the rest much but aired about the same time
as the alligator short I posted above).
I think this one involved a restraining order or something.

-A 3D CGI cosmonaut (I think he was either Russian or French);
he had an orange-ish or brown suit (not typical cosmonaut suit,
but a totally different robotic-ish looking suit, not fabric I think)
and he had a white head (only detail on the face I can remember)
with intricate curved lines on his suit.

He was on the moon, I remember one time he was waiting for
a traffic light on the moon and drove with his car.
I really cannot find a single trace of the existence of this commercial/bumper. Sad

-Someone throws a doughnut and a nuclear explosion happens.

-Some Cartoon Network characters (maybe sidekicks or dogs or cats or something, dunno)
sitting around a table, maybe eating, can't remember.

Man I want to see those again. NOSTALGIA!
Anyone else ever seen these?

"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." - Tony Stark, Iron Man.

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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos   Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:59 am

A few of those seem vaguely familiar...

but I also just miss old cartoons in general... 

plus there was such a huge variation in the styles, i feel like now we just have a few... 

These were ALMOST before my time,
 but we always watched Pinky and the Brain, and Animaniacs, and The Tick (that one is GREAT if you love one liners)
when i was little Razz 

Good stuff...


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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oli Zombieweasel
Oli Zombieweasel

FusionFall Name : Oli Zombieweasel
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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos   Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:25 am

Don't forget this era, X. Razz

Good times... Only official appearance outside the channel was in Cartoon Network: Racing, as the map was used at the track selection screen. Razz There was also arguably FusionFall, as that had the same idea and was announced around the same time as these bumpers; 2008. I really wish they'd make a return... so nostalgic. Razz

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos   

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Cartoon Network Commercials / Adverts / Bumpers / Promos

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