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    Humor : How long did it take for the Engi to create his buildings? A sentry.
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential, CRITx
    Rank: √úbercharge Ready!
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    Humor : Anything that can make happyness.
    Rank: Rock
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    Humor : Dont give up on your dreams
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential
    Rank: Member
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    Humor : I have been poisened and tested on by Fuse himself, hence why I have wings and wear this blindfold. I do not remember much of my past, but y goal is to stop Fuse once and for all. Recently I was stuck in the unknown and was able to return somehow with my Dexter nano and his rocket power
    Rank: Avenger
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    Humor : Humor? HA. I laugh at the face of humor.
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential, CRITx
    Rank: supercody4039
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    Humor : I Am The Yet Awesomest FusionFaller
    Usergroups: Moderators
    Rank: Moderator
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