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 Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2

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Prince scavengertazer

Prince scavengertazer
Prince Zuko

FusionFall Name : Prince scavengertazer
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PostSubject: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2   Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:51 pm

So, this is different. I Wasn't so sure if I wanted to post this or not, I wasn't sure if my idea was good enough. But you know what no pain no gain. If you want to be a good writer, you gotta be open to criticism. So go ahead and tell me if you think I should change anything, or if wrote something wrong. It helps a lot.

Just a few more things.
1. Chapter one came out longer than I expected, so I'll split it into two parts.
2. Chapter two and three or mainly going to be character introduction.
3. This is just the second draft I've made so there might be a few typos in there.  
Anyway, that's pretty much it. Enjoy. Smile

FusionFall - Worlds Collide:

Chapter one: New beginnings

Analysis Complete.
Subject number: B241
Subject Name: Skyler Hardwin Tsukino
Age: 15
Height: 5'11
Skills: Sword fighting, Martial arts
Special abilities: Unknown
Description: Son of two of the strongest heroes on the planet, Because of his absence of powers, he has trained with the strongest fighters in the world just so he could defend himself. His only close sibling is his younger sister, Janet. Whether if Skyler is destined to inherent any powers from his parents or not, is uncertain...

A large lightning bolt cracked through the sky of Townsville, followed by an unearthly loud thunder crack that echoed throughout the entire skatepark. Skyler flinched in sight of this, Ben simply laughed at his reaction.
"Come on dude, you can't be scared of some little storm" Ben said jokingly.
"I'm not," Skyler snapped back. "Something's got me worried...I can't really put my finger on it though"
Ben laughed as if Skyler had said some kind of joke. But he was dead serious, something about this storm wasn't normal. It had been pouring down the last few days nonstop, most people decided to stay indoors, away from the harsh winds and the constant raining, but for some reason today was different. The raining had stopped and the winds had tuned down a bit - sure it was still thundering outside, but this weather was better than nothing at this point. Some people had claimed to have seen meteors falling down from the sky during the thunderstorms, but as expected no one took them seriously. Everyone thought they were making another joke about the oh-so famous 'ancient prophecy'.

A few years ago, a prophecy was foretold by an up-to-date anonymous oracle that was said to live deep in the twisted forest. She predicted that, one day, six powerful heroes gifted with the powers of something called the "elements" were to rise up and fight against an ancient evil that would invade their world. The prophecy didn't say what day or year but the oracle said that the time was "now near at hand", whatever the heck that meant. People got over the initial fear and began to say that the whole thing was a hoax. They stated that these special elemental abilities probably didn't even exist, and if they did, ¿What made them so special? It was kind of logical to begin with, there were literally millions of people in the world with super powers, the planet already had enough superpowered beings it would ever really need, or want for that matter. Multiple heroes, including Skyler's parents, went in search of the oracle for answer's. But she had vanished. There was no trace of her anywhere, the small cabin where she lived was gone, only a few small rock carvings where left at the site. The whole thing turned into an urban legend and people started taking it as a joke. Which explains why no one believed the supposed meteor sightings.

Even then, Skyler felt uneasy. He gazed up at the sky feeling like someone or something was watching him. He and Ben went over to a table and sat onto the seats, tired and sweating from trying out the new hoverboards that they had "borrowed" from dexlabs.
"You know," Skyler started "Dex is going to kill you for taking these"
Skyler wore a basic white t-shirt with a pattern of a black thunder bolt printed on it's side, along with blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers, an outfit he used almost all the time. His hair was an unusual mix of blonde and brown, something he inherited from his grandfather. His eyes, however, was the part that standed out the most. They were a brilliant green color that felt as if they glowed with energy, something very uncommon within his family traits.
Ben grinned at him, patting one of the stolen devices at his side. "Nah, he'll understand, I'll just tell him there was an alien was attacking city station again and I needed to get there as fast as possible. So I took the hover board as a last resort"
Ben wore his basic outfit: A black t-shirt, blue jeans, a pair of black and white sneakers and his world wide famous green jacket with the number ten printed on it.
Skyler raised an eyebrow at him "Ben, you can fly" He said bluntly "And you took two hover boards"
"Oh, chill out, I'll think of something" he reassured him.
Skyler rolled his eyes. He looked over to his side and focused on one of the signs hovering above the entrance, it read in big, white, holographic letters: "Mr.smoothies newest edition, the meatloaf flavor accompanied with a pinch of barbacue sauce, try it now!"
Skyler made a sour face "A meatloaf flavored smoothie? They're really running out of ideas"
"It's actually really good, wanna try one?" Ben asked confidently
Skyler looked at him like he was crazy, and judging by the wierd grin on his face, he probably was. Or at least his taste buds were.
"Uh, pass, but thanks"
"No, I'm serious. It's not half bad"
"Dude, it's litterally cooked meat in a cup, how can you-"
 "BACK OFF!!" The conversation was interrupted by the voice of a girl. She sounded in trouble, but her voice wasn't nervous or scared; it had more of an angry tone added to it.
Ben and Skyler immediatly stopped talking and motioned their heads toward the source of the voice. It had seemed to come from behind of one of the ramps. Ben's smile had been washed away and replaced by a serious expression.
"What was that" he asked Some people nearby had heard the voice as well, and were already walking toward the back of the ramp. Skyler stood up from his seat.
"I don't know" he said picking up his hoverboard "But we should probably go find out" Ben followed him. The two teens walked over to the back of one of the far off ramps, to their suprise a group of people were already there, whispering to one another; one voice, however, could be heard over the rest.
"Come on, Violet, no need to make this difficult" It was the voice of a guy. His voice was deep and raspy, like he had just finished yelling at someone.
Ben narrowed his eyes. "I think I know that voice from somewhere..."
Skyler craned his neck from one side to the other, trying to get a better look. "Come on" he said signaling to Ben to follow him "We need a better view"
The two of them started push through the crowd, excusing themselves with a group of girls and a tall and rather intimidating guy, he scowled at Skyler menacingly as he crossed, as they pushed their way to the front, another voice was heard.
"Yeah, this is just buisness stuff, it all can be really simple if you want" His voice was higher pitched and didn't have the same raspy tone as the other one. The two of them managed to reach the front and got a clear view of what was going on. A group of three teenagers, probably not any older than Ben or Skyler, were ganging up on a girl with a black dress holding a small circular package to her chest. The three of them wore black jackets with the face of some green skin colored man with sun glasses printed on the back of each of them.

They all looked diferent, the shortest of the trio had brown hair and a black eye. He paced around the girl impatiently like if he were anxious to attack. The other guy was calmer but he didn't look any less intimidating. He had blonde hair and had a darker tone of skin than anyone in the group, his arms were crossed and was glaring over at Violet. A part of his shirt was tucked under his belt, allowing a black sai to be easily viewable. Something that was probably holding everyone back from jumping in and helping Violet.
The last of them was diferent, he was smiling. In a very malevolent way. It was like he was smiling without even smiling, his entire face showed satisfaction more than pleasure. There were scars all over his face, his hands were badly bruised, and his black hair seemed like it hadn't been trimmed in weeks. Not the kind of guy you'd like to see in a dark alley. He looked a lot stronger than the rest, and a lot more violent.
"So, what's it going to be?" he asked patiently as possible "Are you gonna hand over that disc?"
Violet narrowed her eyes at him "Why don't you come get it yourself, Seth" she replied angrily.
Seth sighed and scratched his head "Alright, have it your way" He quickly pulled out a pair of battle knives that he had hidden in his belt.
"Just remember, you asked for it" he said walking toward Violet. Violet tucked the package under her arm and threw her other arm back, slowly a black blob of energy began to form in her hand. "I'd tell you the same thing, but to be honest, I've been waiting to do this"
Seth quickly signaled his group to attack, the two other boys released their weapons and stood around violet in a triangular formation.
Skyler clenched his fists and desperatly looked back at Ben, who was slowly reaching for his omnitrix. "We have to do something" he whispered to Ben "She's outnumbered we can't let her get treated like this"
Ben tried to say something but quickly swallowed his words. He looked at the people watching the fight and then back at the scene. He stood there thinking for a few moments and then shook his head in disappointment.
"I can't" Ben said discouragingly.
Skyler's eyes widened in disbelief "What?! Why not?" He raised his voice high enough to catch a few people's attention.
Ben was reluclant "Well...I just can't. there's ,uh, too many people here" He turned around to face Skyler "Listen, if I start a fight with those guys it's not going to be pretty. Trust me, I know this Seth guy, he and his group have powers as well...I'll explain how I know that later. My point is; if I fight them in the middle of the park someone's bound to get hurt"
Seth was now standing only a few feet away from Violet. He flipped his knives over and over again, probably trying to scare her, but Violet stood her ground valiantly.
"I'm giving you one last chance, Violet, I'm going to count to ten, either you give me that package or I'm giving you more than just a scar this time"
Violet rolled her eyes "Let's see you try" Seth looked fed up, he started to count. "One..."
Skyler's mind began to race, ideas began to pop into his head and disappear at the same time. He needed to think of something quick. He looked over at Ben who looked just as nervous as he was.
"We can't just stand here!" He said almost yelling at Ben.
"I know, I know, I'm thinking" Ben replied trying to sound as calm as possible. "Two..." Skyler thought and thought as hard as he could, every second seemed to pass faster than the last one. "Three...Four..Five.."
Skyler snapped his fingers "That's it" He whispered to himself "Ben, listen" He said trying to not advert his eyes from the fight "I want you to watch my back, try to back everyone away as far as you can" "Six..."
Ben gazed at him dumbfounded "What? Why?"
"I've got an idea, but I need you to watch my back in case anything gets too rough out there" "Seven..."
Skyler started to walk away from the crowd and into the fight, Ben held him back. "Wait, hold on! What exactly are you planning to do?"
"Eight..." Skyler looked back at him, he could hear Seth's knives clashing against eachother in the background. "Nine..." Seth started to count in a darker tone, if Skyler wanted to do something he needed to act now. "Something stupid, that's for sure" He said smirking at Ben.
"TEN" "Time's up".

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Tech Support & MOD

Tech Support & MOD
Oliver Zombieweasel

FusionFall Name : Oliver Zombieweasel
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PostSubject: Re: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2   Thu Dec 18, 2014 4:25 pm

Was this supposed to have the same name as the FF manga? Just curious. Razz

Anyway, cya!

~Oliver Zombieweasel

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Prince scavengertazer

Prince scavengertazer
Prince Zuko

FusionFall Name : Prince scavengertazer
Level : 36
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Join date : 2013-04-14
Age : 20
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PostSubject: Re: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2   Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:45 pm

Pretty much, yeah. I just felt like sticking to the original name. Shrug
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I Am Zeus

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PostSubject: Re: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2   Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:38 am

Wheres 2!

Shake it like jello, Ill say hello. Think
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Prince scavengertazer

Prince scavengertazer
Prince Zuko

FusionFall Name : Prince scavengertazer
Level : 36
Male Posts : 414
Join date : 2013-04-14
Age : 20
FF Location : In your dreams....Muahahahaha

PostSubject: Re: Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2   Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:49 pm

Ok, sorry for the delay. I had to rewrite some stuff and change a few things. But, anyway, here's part 2:

Chapter 1 part 2:

That was his cue. Skyler shook off Ben's grip ran into the middle of the fight, tackling Seth to the ground. They both went tumbling into one of the nearby tables. Skyler recovered first, he jumped back to his feet and went over to Violet's side. Her expression was a mix of anger and confusion.

"Wha- Who the heck are you?!" She asked "Where the heck did you come from?" Skyler merely shook his head in response "Yeah, nice to meet you too" He looked over his shoulder to see Seth's partner's with the same expression on their faces, though it was quickly replaced by anger once again.

"Great, a random kid wants to play hero, huh?" the shortest one grumbled "Listen kid, this isn't with you, it's with her. Why don't you just give it up before you get hurt?"

Skyler folded his arms "Not gonna happen. Who are you guys anyway? You can't just treat people like this" He responded angrily

"We don't"

The voice came from behind him. Skyler turned around to see Seth dusting off his pants, he looked thoroughly annoyed from being knocked to the ground. Seth calmly walked over to where they were standing, resting his hand on one of the knives on his belt.

"Well, at least not usually we don't. Listen, we know this girl, and she owes us big time. Like Vincent and Ryan said, this isn't with you. It's just business" He pointed over to Violet, specifically to the item under her arm. Violets hand still had that blob of glowing energy bobbing one way to the other inside it, but she was focused on the circular package. For some reason she was just staring at it, almost like if she were waiting for something to happen.

Skyler turned his attention back to Seth "Yeah, just business. Sure, maybe I'd believe that if you weren't, you know, a criminal" He said in sarcastic tone

Seth laughed "Criminal? Is that what you think I am?" He laughed even louder, Then suddenly, he stopped and glared at Skyler with red glowing eyes. "Kid, I'm three times worse than any criminal"

Skyler glared right back at him, he wasn't going to let this guy scare him. No matter what kind of weird power he may have.

Seth unleashed his battle knives once again and pointed one of them at Skyler. "I'm gonna give you the same offer i made to Violet, I'll count to ten, if you don't get out of-"


The crowd gasped and started whispering again, Ben expression screamed "Dude, get out of there!" Skyler took a step forward, slowly.

"You think I'm going to run away just because you have power's and I don't?" He asked taking another step.

"You're just some ###hole who thinks he push people around just because he can" Skyler took one last step "Why don't you man up and fight someone you're own size, without any of your tricks" Seth looked surprised, he probably didn't expect him to say anything like that. The smallest of Seth's partner's began to walk toward Skyler. Seth quickly raised his hand.

"Stand down Ryan" He said firmly. Ryan stomped his foot "What?! You're just gonna let this guy-"

"I said stand down!" he yelled again. Ryan grumbled something to himself, but did as he was told and returned to his position. His black eye started to twitch in an unusual way. In a normal situation, Skyler might have thought it was funny, but now he was just concentrated on not dying.

Seth gazed back at Skyler, faintly smiling at him "Alright..." He said nodding a bit "You win, kid" He took a few steps toward him, until they literally were just a few inches from each other.

"You want to fight hand to hand?" Seth suddenly grabbed Skyler by his shirt collar, his glowing red eyes facing his. "Let's fight hand to hand."

In a split second, Seth had swung his fist and punched skyler in the gut, Skyler staggered back in pain, the gasp of breath confirmed that he had winded him. The punch had caught Skyler off guard, he cursed himself, Seth however was relentless, he swung another punch towards Skyler's head. Skyler quickly recovered from a blow, he felt a jolt of electricity surge through his body causing him to quickly block Seth's attack and countered with an uppercut that neatly landed on Seth's chin. The punch had doubled him over, he grunted loudly as his head was thrown backwards from the force. He took a step backward, and looked back Skyler with blood red eyes.

"You...Little..." He took a lurching step forward with each word. On the third, he swung his leg up high "Punk!"

The blow was a bit sluggish, Skyler timed his attack and side-stepped the kick, he lunged after Seth hurling a punch toward his face. Seth barely managed to block Skyler's attack and scooted a few steps backward because of the force of the punch. The two boys backed away from each other. Both of them tired from each blow they gave. Seth wiped a bit of blood from his mouth.

"Heh, not bad kid. You're stronger than I thought" He said in a malicious tone.

In an instant, he brought out his knives and lashed out at Skyler, Skyler tried to dodge it but Seth still managed to slash him on the shoulder, cutting his shirt and causing a large bruise that eventually started to bleed. Skyler jumped back, grasping his shoulder in pain.

"What the- What was that!?" Skyler yelled out

"Sorry kid," Seth said "But there's no way I'm letting you out of here now, I always end my fights. And now, I'm ending this one"

Seth charged at Skyler, moving a lot faster now. He jumped from left to right, lashing out at him, Skyler tried to evade each attack, but Seth was always one step ahead of him. Before Skyler could even register what he was doing, however, he felt Seth hack him again, this time in the stomach. The impact sent ripples of pain through his body. He staggered back holding his stomach in pain.

Seth expression was mutual "You might as well give it up" he positioned his feet one in front of the other. "There's no way you can win"

Skyler didn't say anything, he ignored the pain pulsing from his stomach, and the minor injuries that Seth had caused him, and instead he began to think. Most people would consider it suicidal to faze out in the middle of a fight, but Skyler knew exactly what he was doing. He had started to notice a pattern in Seth's fighting style, every time he attacked he would use his legs to confuse his opponent, moving from one side to the other, using his agility to get the upper hand.

"His speed." Skyler thought "That's his strength" He discretely gazed his eyes over to Seth's legs, in that instant, he knew exactly what to do.

Skyler took a running start, he cocked back his fist as far as he could. Seth held his knives in front of him in a fighting position, preparing himself for anything Skyler might try. Skyler faked a jabbing punch, Seth fell for the jab and swung his knives up high, Skyler stopped mid punch and ducked, he shifted his body side ways and raised up his leg, Skyler kicked with all the force he had, striking Seth on the knee. Seth stumbled out of surprise, letting go of one his knives as he did. Skyler didn't waste a second, he responded with a low roundhouse kick and struck Seth on his other knee, this time a faint cracking sound could be heard.

It may not have stopped him completely, but it was enough. Seth fell to his knees wincing in pain. He struggled to his feet, limping his way over to Skyler.

He started raising his single knife in the air. "You...Little...Sh-"

Skyler stopped him mid sentence by striking him in the chin with a massive uppercut, the punch sent Seth flying to the ground. The force of the impact made him let go of his knife, leaving him weaponless and almost unconscious.

Skyler stood motionless for a few seconds, then looked back at the crowd. Everyone, even Ben had looks of horror in their eyes, none of them said a single word.

Then, Skyler could hear someone coughing, he turned around to see Seth struggling to his feet. He stood up straight, his head slumped down. Then in a split second he looked up, his eyes were literally glowing red, the veins in his arm were also glowing a very eerie red color.

"You think this is over!?" his voice echoed as he spoke. He brought his arms back, slowly, a large red orb of thundering energy started to form in each of his hands. "Let's see you dodge this!"

Seth threw his arms forward and sent a giant energy beam soaring toward Skyler. Skyler eye's widened in horror, he threw himself to the ground, the blast flew sharply above his head, he could feel the heat of the laser burning the back of his neck. Skyler quickly jumped to his feet, and did the only thing his instincts told him to do, run.

He took off toward one of the ramps and hid behind them. Seth laughed evilly "You think that's going to work?" He jumped from the floor and darted in mid-air.

"He can fly?!" Someone from the crowd exclaimed. Seth flew up high and scanned the area below him, his eyes suddenly stopped and a smile spread across his face. "There you are" he said satisfactorily.

He shot another blast, it hit the ramp with such a force that it started to fall in direction of the bystanders. Everyone in the crowd screamed and took off in different directions. Seth's partners were just standing in the distance watching the whole thing unfold with wide smiles on their faces. Violet, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Skyler ran from the flaming ramp bumping into people as he tried to escape his attacker. His mind was racing, he darted his eyes from one side to the other trying to find something he could stop Seth with. But there was nothing he could do. The ramp made a creaking noise as it fell, it violently smashed into multiple pieces, causing flaming debris to fall in front of Skyler, stopping him dead in his tracks. He backed away from the fire and searched the area around him, trying to find an opening, but everywhere he looked he just found a wall of flames. Seth floated over to him, charging a ball of energy in his hands. His evil smile could be seen over the flames

"This is over" He threw his hand forward and shot out his final attack. There was no escape, Skyler closed his eyes and braced himself for the worst. He could hear the humming sound of the laser come closer and closer. Then, he could sense a green light appear out of nowhere, he could hear someone's footsteps get heavier and heavier until it sounded like a bunch of gravel moving along the ground. Then he heard a voice, it shouted in a low and distorted tone: "Chromastone!"

Skyler opened his eyes to see a big purple rock monster facing the laser beam and holding up it's hands against it, the creature intercepted the blast and absorbed the laser's energy. It's body started to glow intensively with a multicolor hue, It immediately shot out a laser with the same color, it was two times bigger than Seth's attack. The entire thing caught Seth by suprise, the beam hit Seth directly on his chest and sent him flying back, Seth was sent plummeting into one of the nearby stores, he landed with a loud crash.

The entire park grew silent, only the crackling of the flames could be heard. People started to crawl out of their hiding places, reuniting at the center. Skyler gazed around the park, he felt guilty for causing such a mess.

"Man... What a mess" He looked back at Chromastone, it took one look at the monster for Skyler to recognize him "Thanks, Ben" he said sheeply "I thought I was a goner for sec."

Ben morphed back to normal, approached Skyler, and punched him in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for!?"

"What you mean 'What was that for?'. You were nearly killed out there!" Ben exclaimed

Skyler rubbed his arm and smiled at Ben "Yeah, but it worked"

Before Ben could argue, everyone from the crowd burst into applause. Some of them look burnt from the fire, but they were all smiling and cheering. Skyler and Ben looked back at them with surprised expressions. Skyler grinned at them.

"Looks like they think the same" he remarked

Ben shook his head, but also started to smile, eventually they both burst out laughing.

The applause was interrupted by a loud groan, everyone turned around to see Seth crawling out of a heap of wood, something that used to be a shop. Vincent and Ryan came running to his side, hoisting his arms up on their shoulder's.

"Come on Seth, the police are coming we better get out of here" Vincent told him

Seth was reluctant at first, but agreed shortly after.

The three of them huddled toward a trio of hover cycles located close to the exit, sirens could be faintly heard in the distance. They all started up their cycles and started to ride off toward the exit. Seth stopped mid-way and pointed back at Skyler, his eyes were still blood shot red, but something about him was different. His head twitched and sparks started to fly out of his wrist.

"Y-You b-better watch your b-back kid" His voice sounded robotic, and much weaker than before. "I won't forget this"

With that, Seth made a half circle and rode off through the exit, just when police sirens could be heard rushing down the street.

Skyler gazed back at Ben. "We better go tell the cops what happened" Ben said scratching his head

Skyler rubbed his bruised stomach "I doubt they're going to believe any of it"

Ben rolled his eyes "Sky, I'm pretty sure they've faced weirder stuff than this." Skyler shrugged but followed Ben over to the group of police officer's, running in their direction. In that brief moment a large thunder bolt lit up he sky, Skyler had just happened to look up at that moment. His smile was washed away and replaced with pure fear. Maybe it was an optical illusion, maybe he was just seeing things, whatever it was, it was not a pretty sight. There, up in the clouds, a silhouette of a deformed planet could be seen haunting the sky. At that moment Skyler figured out the reason of why he was worried. There actually was something watching him. And the entire world as well.

End of Chapter 1.

Almost forgot, try listening to this while you read part 1:

And this one for part 2, specifically for the fight scene.

Too hardcore? Idk. No Idea  Enjoy anyway.


Yeah, it is too hard core try this one instead:

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Fusionfall: Worlds Collide Chapter 1, part 1 and 2

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