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    Humor : Yo' fusion is so ugly, that when Scorpion saw it he said "Stay Over There!"
    Rank: Elite Warrior
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    Humor : Lord Dane will not be opposed, Lord Dane will destroy all his foes, Lord Dane brings pain to this game, so watch out when you hear his name!
    Usergroups: CRITx
    Rank: Hunter
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    Humor : For their is a cat,a cat of violence a cat who bites,kicks people, and jumps his name is... PROFESSCOR FRENIUOM
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential, CRITx
    Rank: S.A.C.T. Commander
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    Humor : Im my favourite eight legged maniac
    Rank: Doc Ock
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    Humor : Paper covers rock, but paper can't stop rocks, IT MAKES NO SENSE!
    Usergroups: 13+ Confidential
    Rank: Dragoon
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    Humor : Pirate Giggidy!
    Usergroups: CRITx
    Rank: Hokage and Grinder
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Oliver Zombieweasel
Rank: Tech Support & MOD
Tech Support & MOD
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